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Cozy Fall Fashion 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hi all! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! It was a long one for us, so we took a little weekend trip to Toronto and had a blast meeting up with friends, doing some shopping, and seeing what the big city has to offer! It's officially September and, while the weather is still in full-on summer mode here, I am starting to really look towards fall and fall fashions. While I love summer, a part of me cannot wait to slip into some cozy boots, throw on a soft sweater and rock some fall outfits! I have been scavengering Pinterest and pinning tons of fall fashion ideas I get to my board. While I do have quite a few sweaters, I think I really need to get me some more tops that I can layer and wear underneath my sweaters and blazers. I am especially drawn more to outfits that are good to wear to the office. Because I spend a majority of my time at work, I need to expand my "office" wardrobe to include some trendy fall pieces while still being respectful for the office. 

Such as these...

A cute yet casual office outfit. Since we cannot wear jeans in our office, I think I will pair the look with skinny black pants instead! But with the jeans, it's definitely a nice outfit to wear when hanging with the girls or doing your weekend shopping!

The simplicity of this outfit is what I swoon over! And just look at that adorable hand bag!!
I love this outfit! I recently bought the same length and style pants as in the picture. So this is my inspiration to pair some cute leopard flats with a bright blazer and pretty accessories!

I love love LOVE the stripes! I too have a shirt like that along with a beige blazer that I can pair with some skinny black pants - perfect for transition from a day at the office to a night on the town!
I love the colour pairings, so soft and yet so fashionable!
I love the pairings of dark stripes with beige scarf and shoes!
I love the coral and leopard combo! Such a cute outfit!

Holiday Favourite Things

Monday, December 17, 2012

I thought this post would be best to make today, since we are now in the single digits of the countdown until Christmas, and I know I still have to pick up a few more things for gifts (meaning I have to drag myself to the mall which is probably the busiest time ever!). So I thought I would mention to you what my favourite  things are during the holiday season that help reduce my stress.

1. Parchment Paper
Yes, parchment paper is on the top of my list. Why? Because I avoid having to grease, bake, and re-wash my pans when making cookies. I reuse the parchment paper and end up making 4-5 batches of cookies until I can throw it away. It is easy, convenient, and such a great product! I just started using it this year, and it has truly sped up my time that I am in the kitchen.

2. Christmas Music
Where I live, there are two particular stations that start playing Christmas music from mid-November until December 26th. So I always tune in to these radio stations to help me get in the mood for Christmas. I listed when I decorate the tree, bake cookies and meals, wrap presents, and even drive to work or shopping. I know that I only have about a month’s worth of these Christmas songs, so no I do not get tired from listening to “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer”! Plus, with the holiday madness on the roads, I just crank up my holiday tunes and that helps me stay sane!

3. Christmas Notebook
I have a little book where I keep all of my “to-do” lists organized. I specifically bought a red one this year so I can keep my cooking and baking ideas, present lists, and anything else that comes up. Before I go shopping, I make sure to look through this book and see if and what I need to buy. And I always check over my recipes to make sure I have all of the ingredients called for.

4. Wine
I always make sure to have a bottle of wine during the holiday season. This is for many reasons, other than what you are thinking! Yes I do like to indulge in a glass every now and then, but I also have a bottle in case we get some unexpected visitors, or I am just too busy cooking for guests that I have no time to run out to the store and buy a bottle. It is also a back-up gift, cause you never know when you’ll need it!

My 10 Fave Holiday Movies

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmastime is the season to spend with your family and friends. And why not have a movie marathon to get you in the holiday spirit? Below is a list of my all-time favourites that I like watching while snuggled up with a big mug of hot chocolate!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
This is my most favourite Christmas movie! I just cannot go a holiday without watching it once (or twice!). All Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) wants to do is have a nice fun-filled old-fashioned Christmas for him and his family. But things start slowly falling apart as the rest of the family start arriving. This movie will leave you laughing out-loud the entire time.
A Christmas Story
This is one that I recently started watching, and most of you have probably seen as well. This 1983 movie is based around Ralphie Parker(Peter Billingsley), a nine-year-old boy trying to convince his parents that he wants a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. The story is set in the 1940s and shows a more simpler time in US history.
It's A Wonderful Life
This 1946 movie always makes me cry, no matter how many times I watch it! It always makes you realize and be thankful for what you have. Similar to "the ghost of Christmas future", an angel named Clarence shows George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) what life would have been like if he was never born.
While I am not too fond of Will Ferrell's movies (don't hate!), I just love this Christmas movie. He played a very funny elf that, as a human boy, gets carried away mistakenly by Santa in his sleigh. As he grows up with the other elves, he notices he does not belong with them. So he leaves the North Pole and heads for the Big Apple. Follow him on his journey through his silly and hilarious journey through New York.
Miracle on 34th Street (1994)
There are two versions of this movie, a 1947 and a 1994 version. I have (in all honesty) never watched the 1947 version, but dearly love the 1994 version. I have always loved this movie - it makes you believe in Santa all over again! A young nine-year-old Susan Walker grew up never believing in Santa. But once she meets the Macy's department store Santa, who claims to be the real thing, she tests him by asking him for three things she wants most for Christmas: a house, a brother and a dad.
Christmas With the Kranks
Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis were wonderful together in this movie! Another true classic for me during this time of year. When Luther (Tim Allen) and Norah (Jamie Lee Curtis) decide to "skip" Christmas this year with their daughter gone to Peru, they soon find themselves throwing away their plans when their daughter suddenly decides to come home for Christmas after all.
The Family Stone
This is a nice comedy/drama movie that you can watch with your girlfriends or your significant other. Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Meredith who is an uptight business woman, meets her boyfriend's family during Christmastime. But she soon realizes that no one from his fun, rebellious family really like her. When Sybil (Diane Keaton) discovers that Everett (Dermot Mulroney) wants to propose to Meredith, she is appalled at the thought of Everett giving Meredith their family's heirloom wedding ring. However, things turn to what seems for the better by the end of the movie.
The Santa Clause
This is one of my favourite Disney Christmas movies. I liked the sequels, but the first one is my favourite! When Scott (Tim Allen) accidentally kills Santa by startling him and making him fall from the rooftop, Scott takes over as Santa due to some legal technicality known as the "Santa clause". As the year passes, Scott finds himself gaining weight, growing a white beard, and having trucks deliver sacks full of letters to Santa.
Home Alone
While there are 5 (I believe) sequels, I still love the first one as it is a classic. I haven't even watched the last 3, but plan to watch them this year. After Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) is left home alone, he thinks his wish that he made the day before of not having a family came true. He later discovers that he was mistakenly left by his family who is en route to France for a holiday vacation. He soon learns to fend for himself when thieves try to rob his house.

What are your favourite holiday movies?

Why I Eat One Brazil Nut Daily

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Recently I have been researching online about the many health benefits of nuts. 'Tis the season to bake with nuts, and so I wanted to learn just how healthy they are. I am familiar with Brazil nuts, but have never really known just how healthy they are until I did a recent search online. And now, I make sure to eat one (or two) a day at work.
So why are they so super healthy? For starters, they are filled with selenium, and is one of the best sources of it. Selenium is an antioxidant, and antioxidants help prevent cellular damage and may reduce the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Selenium is also found to improve the immune system against viral and bacterial infections. However, because only one Brazil nut contains up to 100 micrograms of selenium (the daily recommended amount is 400 micrograms), it is recommended to eat up to two Brazil nuts a day to avoid selenium overdose. Brazil nuts are also high in unsaturated fats, which help reduce chronic inflammation, and are known as the "good" fats that help raise your HDL, or "good", cholesterol and lower your LDL, or "bad", cholesterol. Brazil nuts are also rich in other vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6 and folates. And they contain high levels of certain minerals such as copper, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and zinc.

Fall Fashion Faves

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good day all! Today I will tell you my must-have fall fashion favourites. Yes yes...I know. Why the heck am I talking about fall already, especially since we have been having such nice weather here in Southern Ontario (no I promise I wont jinx it!). Well my friends, I will tell you my reasons for this post: Thanksgiving Day is coming, which is the official kick-off holiday for fall; we are in the back-to-school state of mind, and that always means casual, comfy and warm clothing; and the maple tree across the street from my house has already begun shedding its leaves (yikes!). So, searching through some of the fall fashion trends for 2012, I have made a simple outfit board of all the things I love.

1. I love cardigans - open cardigans in particular. Any colour, any style. They are easy to throw on, you can wear any type of shirt underneath, and they keep you nice and warm for the fall weather. When the weather is a bit cooler to wear tanks, but too warm for a fall jacket, I opt for my fave cardigan instead.

2. There isn't anything as good as a pair of comfy jeans. I love skinny jeans since they tend to be stretchy, depending on where you find them (I am not fond of stiff skinny jeans!). I have invested in a nice pair of stretchy skinny's, which I love wearing throughout the fall and winter season. But I think I'll buy another (lighter) pair to have this fall!

3. Nothing says fall than some dark colours. Sure, purple may scream spring to you, but to me the darkness of this simple and cute shirt reminds me of fall. Pair it with your lighter cardigan and you are all set for fall!

4. Shoulder purses are my fave, especially ones with a strap that's short enough to be a hand-held purse but not too short to fit on your shoulder. These types of purses tend to come in the perfect size for me - enough to keep all of my "stuff" I regularly carry with me.

5. What can be worn to the office and also on a night out? Flats of course! They are oh-so comfy, and very easy to slip into when you're in a rush (like when you're late for work or a dinner). I like my flats in neutral tones since they can be matched easily with any outfit.

6. For those of you who have been waiting to wear your fave boots, now is finally the time! From what I have been seeing, it's those knee-high boots that seem to be selling in stores. Of course, ankle and mid-calf boots are still hot!

7. And finally, what outfit would be complete without some sort of bling-bling? This necklace represents fall with the signature leaf, and the gold colour matches perfectly with the gold detailing on the purse and the flats. Perfect!
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