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In The Garden

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We have spent the past two weekends on our veggie and flower garden. We have such a wonderful space in the backyard filled with perennial flowers and plants, so we needed to fill in those void areas with beautiful annuals.
Annual flowers

These pretty oriental poppies are perennials that grow beautiful orange-red flowers that look like tissue paper flowers. They are very delicate!
Oriental Poppies

A few of our other pretty flowers, both annual and perennial.
This year, we decided to plant a cherry tree. We have a blackberry bush that we planted last year, still awaiting for the arrival of berries (hoping for this year). So we decided to add a cherry tree to our fruit collection. I know it will take a couple of years for the cherry tree to finally ripen and start producing cherries. But until then, we will give this little tree all of our love and care!
Cherry tree

We also have a small little section in the back where we have been planting our veggie garden for two years in a row. With out third year at this, we know what to expect in terms of space and how large our veggies grow. Our garden is about 4 feet by 8 feet, so we have enough to grow a few cucumber, tomato and pepper plants. 

The one thing I love about having our own veggie garden is picking your own fresh veggies whenever you need them! I am so happy we have some room for our own veggie garden! This is from just one week of not picking our veggies last summer, perfect for a fresh summer salad!

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