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Cozy Fall Fashion 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hi all! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! It was a long one for us, so we took a little weekend trip to Toronto and had a blast meeting up with friends, doing some shopping, and seeing what the big city has to offer! It's officially September and, while the weather is still in full-on summer mode here, I am starting to really look towards fall and fall fashions. While I love summer, a part of me cannot wait to slip into some cozy boots, throw on a soft sweater and rock some fall outfits! I have been scavengering Pinterest and pinning tons of fall fashion ideas I get to my board. While I do have quite a few sweaters, I think I really need to get me some more tops that I can layer and wear underneath my sweaters and blazers. I am especially drawn more to outfits that are good to wear to the office. Because I spend a majority of my time at work, I need to expand my "office" wardrobe to include some trendy fall pieces while still being respectful for the office. 

Such as these...

A cute yet casual office outfit. Since we cannot wear jeans in our office, I think I will pair the look with skinny black pants instead! But with the jeans, it's definitely a nice outfit to wear when hanging with the girls or doing your weekend shopping!

The simplicity of this outfit is what I swoon over! And just look at that adorable hand bag!!
I love this outfit! I recently bought the same length and style pants as in the picture. So this is my inspiration to pair some cute leopard flats with a bright blazer and pretty accessories!

I love love LOVE the stripes! I too have a shirt like that along with a beige blazer that I can pair with some skinny black pants - perfect for transition from a day at the office to a night on the town!
I love the colour pairings, so soft and yet so fashionable!
I love the pairings of dark stripes with beige scarf and shoes!
I love the coral and leopard combo! Such a cute outfit!

Weekend Shopping

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last week, the hubs and I took some time to clean out our closets. We ended up with a bag of old clothing for donation. This closet purging was a great exercise for me, since it allowed me to get rid of things I haven't worn in over a year. My rule of thumb when it comes to clothing: if I haven't worn it in over a year, I will probably never wear it again. But why do I keep some things for longer than a year, that is what I wonder! I also realized some the clothing I regularly wear but have had for years as well. I never really realized that I kept some shirts or even pants for a few years, until the other day. I was wearing one of my favourite shirts when I was hanging out with my sister, and she asked "isn't that the shirt you had for five years?" Embarrassed, I said yes, and told myself I needed to clean out my closet and get rid of these things! If she noticed, who else might have noticed?! So, after cleaning out the closets, the hubs and I both gave ourselves a budget of $100 each to buy new clothing (and sort of replace the old favourites we had!).

After the shopping trip this weekend, I am so happy to have bought three new outfits for under $80! All of the items I purchased were on sale and you can never beat summer sales! Especially since it is still summer :) Here is what I purchased at Target and Winners. I tried to link to the items online as best as I could.

Target: Merona Dress
Target: Blouse (similar), Polka Dot Shirt (similar), Capris
Jeans: Aeropostale
Shoes: Winners
Aside from the amazing sale prices I got on all the items, I am so happy with one item in particular: the jeans. I was absolutely shocked when I heard the total for those jeans!  After taxes, I paid only $2.79. That's right...two dollars and seventy-nine cents! Holy moly! And if you want proof, here it is:

Summer Fashion

Thursday, May 16, 2013

It has been a very long and cold winter here in Ontario. It seems like we only get about 3 months of true, hot weather and then 9 months of mediocre and cold weather. And it truly sucks. But hey, who am I to complain, especially considering that in some areas there were reports of snow last week. MAY! Yep. So I will close my mouth and shush!

With June on its way and the summer days not too far ahead, I can't wait for the cute summer dresses, skirts and shorts that are just dying to come out of my closet! (Sorry summer have been cooped up in my closet for a very very long time!). Here are some cute pairings and clothing for 2013.
1 // 2 // 3
1 // 2 // 3
1 // 2 // 3

Fabric Button Earrings {Review + Giveaway}

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My awesome friend Christine, over from Mavy May Designs, has her own shop. She makes these beautiful fabric earrings that are just too cute to pass up. When she offered to give me a set of earrings to do a review on them, I was excited! I love wearing fancy and stylish earrings to go with my outfits. However, I have a problem - I cannot wear just ANY pair of earrings I buy from the store. I am allergic to anything that is not gold or stainless steel. Yes, even silver makes my ears hurt and the area around the holes swell up. And I am talking within mere hours! If you ever want to find out if your earrings are pure gold, give them to me to wear and I can tell you! So as you can see, I have a dilemma when it comes to wearing fashion earrings, and so I rarely (if ever) wear them - other than my plain gold earrings I wear all.the.time!!

So when I saw that Christine's earrings are made with surgical steel posts, I was excited to try them out! I ordered the pink and white checkered earrings, since I love all things pink! And plus, it will match many of my outfits I have!

I ended up wearing them for the first time at the brunch I had with my sister and best friend this past weekend. I figured - we aren't doing much running around so if they do hurt my ears they won't bother me as much.

To my surprise, I ended up wearing them the WHOLE day without feeling anything!! They felt like as if they weren't even there! Now that's what I'm talking about!

I ended up getting so many compliments that day that I couldn't wait to wear them again!

Christine is so awesome, that she is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a FREE pair of earrings! You can choose any style that you want from her shop. Just fill in the info below and cross your fingers!!

Giveaway will run from today, May 1st until Wednesday May 8th. Open to Canadian and US residents only. Winning entry will be verified so please, play nice :) Good luck all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: I was given the product for review. However, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

I have been searching for new boots since winter began. I could never seem to find ones that looked good and were cheap. Now that spring and summer clothing are coming out on the racks, I have found some cute boots for a really good price! When it comes to footwear, I am all for comfort. I have had my share of days where I could barely make it through the day in uncomfortable shoes or boots. I fell in love with these boots from Globo that were on clearance for $45!

And I just had to pick up some wedges for summer. I love wedges - they are just oh-so comfortable and just so cute to slip on with a cute summer dress! Again, on clearance for $20! Now, let's all cross our fingers for spring!

Christmas Nail Art

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I love doing my nails for the holidays! It helps get me more in the spirit! Plus I love doing different designs. This year I am doing snowmen on my nails. I will show you how you can do this same look without the nail salon price! It's so easy to do as well (if you have a steady hand!).

All you need is white, red and black nail polish, a q-tip and a toothpick.

Fall Fashion Faves

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good day all! Today I will tell you my must-have fall fashion favourites. Yes yes...I know. Why the heck am I talking about fall already, especially since we have been having such nice weather here in Southern Ontario (no I promise I wont jinx it!). Well my friends, I will tell you my reasons for this post: Thanksgiving Day is coming, which is the official kick-off holiday for fall; we are in the back-to-school state of mind, and that always means casual, comfy and warm clothing; and the maple tree across the street from my house has already begun shedding its leaves (yikes!). So, searching through some of the fall fashion trends for 2012, I have made a simple outfit board of all the things I love.

1. I love cardigans - open cardigans in particular. Any colour, any style. They are easy to throw on, you can wear any type of shirt underneath, and they keep you nice and warm for the fall weather. When the weather is a bit cooler to wear tanks, but too warm for a fall jacket, I opt for my fave cardigan instead.

2. There isn't anything as good as a pair of comfy jeans. I love skinny jeans since they tend to be stretchy, depending on where you find them (I am not fond of stiff skinny jeans!). I have invested in a nice pair of stretchy skinny's, which I love wearing throughout the fall and winter season. But I think I'll buy another (lighter) pair to have this fall!

3. Nothing says fall than some dark colours. Sure, purple may scream spring to you, but to me the darkness of this simple and cute shirt reminds me of fall. Pair it with your lighter cardigan and you are all set for fall!

4. Shoulder purses are my fave, especially ones with a strap that's short enough to be a hand-held purse but not too short to fit on your shoulder. These types of purses tend to come in the perfect size for me - enough to keep all of my "stuff" I regularly carry with me.

5. What can be worn to the office and also on a night out? Flats of course! They are oh-so comfy, and very easy to slip into when you're in a rush (like when you're late for work or a dinner). I like my flats in neutral tones since they can be matched easily with any outfit.

6. For those of you who have been waiting to wear your fave boots, now is finally the time! From what I have been seeing, it's those knee-high boots that seem to be selling in stores. Of course, ankle and mid-calf boots are still hot!

7. And finally, what outfit would be complete without some sort of bling-bling? This necklace represents fall with the signature leaf, and the gold colour matches perfectly with the gold detailing on the purse and the flats. Perfect!
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