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Common Cooking Spices

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello all! As part of my mini-series Cooking 101, I have decided to compile a small list of spices and their most common uses in dishes. I decided not to give background information on each spice, as you can find so much online. Instead, I simply listed the most common dishes you can use each spice in. When I fist started cooking, my go-to spice was always black pepper and salt, but over time with more cooking experience I have developed a sense for what spices should go in what dish. You don't want to add paprika in a pasta dish or nutmeg to your salad (unless you prefer those tastes!). I briefly listed the top common spices used in many dishes, since these are widely used in many recipes but is hard to know when NOT to use them. Over time, I will be adding to this list to include other spices that are widely used but not as common, such as nutmeg and ginger, so check back!
Soups, salads, vinaigrettes, marinades, grain dishes, tomato-based dishes like tomato sauce and tomato soup
Bay Leaves
Soups, stews, marinades, tomato sauce, and dishes containing tomatoes, beans, corn and/or potatoes
Black Pepper
One of the most versatile spice to add heat and aroma to any dish, from pork and chicken to salads and soups
Both dry and fresh chives give a mild-onion flavour to many dishes such as omelets, baked potato, potato salad, fresh vegetable salad, dips, dressings, soups, sauces
Pizza, pasta, beef, chicken, herb breads, eggs, fish, potatoes, salads, tomato soup, tomato sauce
Tomato-based sauces, paprikash, goulash, beef, pork, poultry,stews, soup, rice, cheese dishes. Sprinkle it to garnish casseroles, vegetable pies, hummus, and dips
Fresh parsley has a better taste in dishes than dried, so use in salads and salad dressing, soups, bean dishes, casseroles, stews, pasta, potatoes
Rosemary has a strong piney taste, so use it to season poultry such as chicken and turkey, lamb, beef, fish, stuffing, stews, herb breads, tomato soup, tomato sauce, potatoes
Soups, vinaigrettes, bean dishes, soups, cheese dishes, chicken, corn, eggs, fish, lamb, potatoes, salads, tomato sauce, tomato soup


I created this table into a PDF so now you are welcome to print and use it at home. I have a print out taped to the back of the door where I keep my spices. Easy and convenient as a quick reference when I'm cooking!
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