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Happy Birthday Sparky!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

To the craziest. ..

... most lovable...

... fun dog in my life! 

Meet Sparky {Guest Post}

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hi there! I'm Sparky! My fur-mommy has been busy recently that she asked me to write this post for her lovely readers! While I thought this will interfere with my regular sleeping schedule (I tend to sleep during the days while my fur-mommy is working) I made sure to sleep extra long yesterday so I can be awake and write to you all today!

I am a fun and energetic one and a half year old beagle. I love to meet new people, and everyone loves to pet me. I mean, come on, look at me! No one can resist those eyes :)

I love chewing on everything. While I did chew on the carpet when I was first adopted, my fur-parents were very very angry so I decided to quit that habit. Now I love, love, LOVE chewing on my toys!

Oh and don't forget about food - it seems like there is never an end in my tummy! I love food! Anything that my fur-mommy or fur-daddy stick in their mouths I just want to try it too. So what do I do when I see them munching away and not sharing??

I give them the STARE! You know...the how-dare-you-eat-food-without-sharing-with-me-your-cute-beagle stare!

I have to say, this technique works VERY well...most of the time! I think they caught on, because this technique hasn't been working as much as I want it to recently. Maybe I should try to give them the sad puppy eyes! You know which ones...

I am a weird beagle. I tend to find small and tight places so I can curl up into a tight little ball when I sleep. I don't know why but this position is always the most comfy one!

I know my fur-mommy loves to share my baby pictures, so I will share some with you! Don't worry - I never share any naked bath time pictures of me like my fur-mommy loves to do...that is SO embarrassing!

I always love meeting new people, so please say hello! Don't worry, I don't bite (maybe just lick you until you tell me to stop!).

A Day in the Life

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sleep...too early!

Wake up! Good morning!

Have nom nom...

...find blanket...

...chew on blanket...

...sleep on blanket... outside...

...come back inside and nap...

...wake up, hunt for toys and chew on toys... dinner...

...Sleep! Phew what a busy day! Good night!

Happy Birthday!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Today is our dog, Sparky's, first birthday! He has turned into quite a handsome little dog!

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