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Living Room Update: Decor Pillows

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello everyone! From my last post on my living room update, I showed you guys how I quickly and easily re-did my old lamp shade. I found the perfect fabric that I knew would fit with the room and provide a nice pop of colour.

Today I will show you all how I added some other touches to the couch using the same fabric. I am no sewing expert. In fact - I started to sew last year. So, I did this using no template but my head :) Hopefully you can follow along as well and it makes sense to you all!

My living room pillows are 18"x21". Make sure to add 1/2" to each side of the fabric. Using a dark orange fabric, I cut one piece to fit to the back of the pillow and two 6" pieces for the front. I used the same fabric as the lamp shade for the middle strip.
*I added the 1" text to the bottom image since I forgot to include the addition of 1" to compensate for the sewing space!

This is what I envisioned it looking....

Make sure to sew the wrong side of both fabrics together.

And this is what you get...

Using sewing pins, pin your already made front side to the back side fabric. Again, pin together with the wrong sides of the fabric facing out.

And sew together! 

Because I will add a button to keep the stuffing in, I sewed up to the decorative fabric edge on one side to allow a space to stuff the pillow case. I also finished the raw edges to prevent fraying.

And this is how the almost finished product looks! Now to add the button and stuffing :)

I bought this no sew snap fastener kit from Walmart to add to the opening of the pillow case. It is so easy to do, and the instructions are enclosed with the kit.

And now the fun part: the stuffing! Depending on how firm or soft you want it.

And this is the finished product! It matches perfectly with the lamp! Don't worry - I will show you all how the final room looks. I still have a couple more things to do and a few more pillows to sew! Stay tuned next week to see the final reveal!

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New Window Curtains (And a Hemming Tutorial)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When we first moved to our new home, I didn't mind the curtains that were there. Yes, they were hideous, but I knew I would change them soon and so I never thought much of it. Little did I know, they were actually broken. Turning them to open up the blinds was nearly impossible unless I turned each individual ones while pulling on the string.

I honestly think these blinds were installed when the house was built, some 30 years ago. Our living room is small, and the window is pretty much the width of the room. Which is why I wanted to take time in searching for the right drapes. However, this search took almost two years. I finally found neutral coloured drapes that seem to work with the area and were inexpensive. This is our starter home, and since we will be moving on out of here in a couple years I didn't want to invest in anything major. Save up the money for the real deal, right?

We also bought sheer drapes a long time ago, when I first wanted to change the window curtains. But for some reason I did some wrong measurements so they were longer than the windows and thus needed some hemming. By this point I did not want to buy new sheer curtains and waste any more money than needed. Here is my quick how-to on hemming drapes. This was my first time and so I hemmed as I went along.

I first put up the sheer drapes to see how short they needed to be hemmed. I marked this length using some bobby pins by folding the bottom up. It actually fit perfectly along the already existing stitches. It was only a matter of folding up along the existing stitch line.

Using my sewing machine, I stitched width-wise. I made sure that the fold was facing the window, so it is not seen when the dark drapes are open.

And there you have it, (somewhat) nicely hemmed sheer window coverings.

And here are the new window coverings! I love them now since it allows so much more light to flow in and makes the room appear larger.

Poinsettia Pillows

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello all! I finally had time to post up pictures of this craft I was working on last weekend. I first saw this post over at Centsational Girl where she made some poinsettia pillows. I took her advice and decided to modify it a bit. I made white poinsettias on green pillows to fit the decor for the family room, and red poinsettia on white pillows for the upstairs living room. I made the envelope pillow cases for both the upstairs and downstairs couches. I did the same thing when I made my decorative pillow cases for the living room. The craft is so easy, and so much fun! All you need is 36 x 58-inch piece of felt (I bought them at my local fabric store, and this was more than enough for the petals), matching thread, pillow cases, and coordinating buttons and you're set!

I started off with making 6 large and 6 small felt petals for one poinsettia, and a round felt piece so I can sew the petals onto. This way you don't have to sew right on your pillowcase if you don't want to.

Then you sew the large petals onto the circle felt piece. I sewed from the inner edge on the felt circle to half-way up the poinsettia petal.

Make sure to sew down the middle of the petal up to the half-way point on the petal, as shown by the dotted lines below.

Do the same with the smaller petals. By sewing half-way up the petals, it adds a bit of a crease and some design to your poinsettias. I bought some cute little buttons that would fit perfectly with this design.

After you hand-sew your button onto the poinsettia, either hand-stitch the poinsettia to attach to your pillow, or in my case (since I'll be reusing these green pillow cases for summer) you can attach velcro to both your pillow and poinsettia and just easily remove once the holiday season is over. I also made the pillow with the tree silhouettes, as it adds a touch of winter and matches the decor.

*     *     *     *     *     *
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DIY Envelope Pillows

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A couple weeks ago, I was looking at how boring the couch and love seat in the living room was. Something was missing. Colour? Possibly. A refresher? Maybe. Then it hit me. It looked so plain and boring because there were no pillows! In my opinion, pillows add richness and softness to any couch, bed or sitting area. Not to mention the endless possibilities of colour, patterns and sizes that they come in. So I was eager to find the perfect pillows. Needless to say, I was unable to find the "right" ones for the space - pillows that match the theme of the room, tie in with the theme from the family room in the basement, and that were a fairly decent price. Everything nice was priced at over $20, more than what I was looking for. So I took a trip to my local fabric store to find the right fabric I had in mind. And what a success it was!
Instead of cutting the fabric into two or three pieces, as some tutorials suggested, I stuck with one piece. This will allow you to create an envelope-back pillow covers. It is easy, simple, and allows you to switch between different covers fairly quickly.

Envelope Pillows
1. Start off with your fabric inside out. Measure out the width of the fabric to be that of your pillow size, adding one inch to either sides of the pillow (I used 14" width to make a 12" pillow), and the length to be double of the pillow size with an addition of 6" (for a 12" pillow, you need 30" length). This will allow you a 4" overlap for the back of the envelope and approximately 1" of fabric to hem the ends (depending how thick you want them to be. I chose to have a wider hem because my fabric was a bit longer).

2. Mark the thickness of your hem and secure with straight pins. Hem the ends of the fabric using a zig-zag pattern to enclose the ends.
3. Using the straight pins again, secure the edges on the long-side of the fabric. This will enclose the pillow case. Sew along the pins to close off the sides. Turn your pillowcase right-side out. Stuff your pillow with stuffing through the open flaps in the back. Since I had older pillows already, I used the stuffing from that to stuff my pillows.
The pillows really suit the room, adding a cozy feeling to the boring-looking couches. Plus a splash of colour doesn't hurt! Yes the picture sucks to show the true colour of the pillows. I took it in the evening when it was getting dark.

Do you make your own pillow covers for your living spaces?
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