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Make Your Own Pizza Party!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I love entertaining with friends, and always look for ways to add some fun into dinner parties or regular hangouts. Last time I had a dinner party, I decided to do a fun pizza party but with a twist. Instead of ordering pizza, I wanted to do a "make your own" pizza party. This way each person makes their own pizza accordingly, and you don't have to worry about getting the right toppings,

The day of the pizza party, I made my own dough in my bread maker. By the way, if you still make dough the old fashioned way, you need to invest in a good bread machine! Seriously, it is as easy as putting all the ingredients into the machine and just leaving it all for the machine to do. Easy peasy! An hour before company arrived, I prepped the ingredients - chopped the veggies and pepperoni, shredded the cheese, and placed them all in individual dishes.

I also flattened out the dough in aluminum pie pans. These were found at the local dollar store. This way when the guests arrived, everything was all set for them to just top their pizzas!

The pizzas were baked all together at 450F for about 25 minutes. That way no one's pizza got cold and we all ate at the same time! A fun party and a great way to get your guests to be creative and involved!

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