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Wedding Preparations - Weight Loss Challenge

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I wanted to make a post on my pre-wedding weight-loss journey, since I have been married for six months now and have been really thinking back to my wedding weight loss challenge that started around this time one year ago. It is also a good source for those who are getting married this year and are thinking about getting into shape.

Me and my hubby were dating for over 7 years before he popped the question. We were high school sweethearts and I met him at the end of my grade 11 year. Back then I took care of how I looked, tried to stay up to date with fashion trends, and always made sure to pretty myself up for any outing, especially on our dates.

This lasted for 3 years or so. I then started getting too comfortable in the relationship, and in combination with all the studying, exams and stress during my undergraduate and graduate studies, I ate, and ate, and ATE. Thus, I gained 20 pounds in 6 years. And so I didn't feel the need to dress up or "beautify" myself. The pic below is of me in my last semester of my master's in 2011. Sad, so sad!

In late 2011 I was trying on wedding dresses and picked "the one", but it was two sizes too small. I was informed, however, that it can be taken out and altered. I told myself I will take action and lose weight so I can fit into my dress. Not only did the alterations cost a lot (we are talking about $100+ just for taking the dress out!) I also wanted to feel comfortable in my dress and look my prettiest on my wedding day! That is when I took action! I knew my friend (and bridesmaid) did her P90X exercise ritual at home, so I asked if I can join her. And thus I started my own exercise ritual*!

I took three days off for wedding planning and worked hard for four days. Because I was working full-time, I had to exercise in the evenings. This is just an example of what my week was like (approximately). If I had an appointment or meeting for the wedding planning, I would skip that day and either make it up in the week or add it on to the following week.
At first, it was hard for me to cut down on my snacks. I love sweets and I love to bake! But after a month of working hard I saw I was only two pounds lighter - no joke! So I knew I had to cut back on my baking and sugar intake. We also changed up our exercise routine and started doing a different exercise program - Insanity*.
The first time we tried it, we both thought we were going to die (and I'm talking the first three minutes in!). However, we stuck to it and eventually got used to it. The other bridesmaids joined in by May and it felt good to exercise as a group! By May I was pretty much all done my wedding planning and only had appointments to confirm my choices, so I was sticking to this schedule pretty well!

By June I was afraid to step on the scale. I felt like I did lose weight, since I could definitely feel it in my clothing. But I didn't want to be disappointed with another pound or two that I might have lost. However, when I had my dress fitting, the lady fitting me said (and I quote) "You don't need to get anything altered hun". When I heard that I was so ready to give her the biggest hug and kiss in the world! When I got home that day I stepped on that scale and was honestly the happiest! I was TEN pounds lighter than what I started in January!
When I first started this weight loss journey, I was expecting to lose some weight, but I never actually set a target weight goal - just thought of losing as much as possible within 5 months. After five months, I lost 10 pounds. I am so much happier now and make sure to dress up when I go out. I still exercise (although the holiday season really threw me off track with both setting time to exercise and over-indulging in sweets).

As the warm weather is kicking in, I am really motivated to lose the other 10 pounds I have left. I started the Insanity 60-day program, and you can read about my journey here.

*Just so you know: I am in no way affiliated or associated with the workout programs mentioned in this post. This is not a sponsored post.

Goals for 2013

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hello all! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We had a wonderful Christmas that was spent with both sides of the family. We ate, sang, played, talked and relaxed both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I love the holidays - this is what it is all about! I am now starting to look forward to the New Year. I always make sure to look back and reflect on the past year, and think of ways I can improve in the new year. This year was a very busy year for me, as I was planning for my wedding for half the year, and the other half was spent trying to put my regular routine back in order (or get into a new routine). Which is why I have big plans for 2013!

*     *     *     *     *     *
What are your New Years Resolutions?

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