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Remove Wax from Carpet {How To}

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I sometimes love lighting candles to add some scent throughout the home. However, this has happened more than once that I try to move the candle and the wax drips on the ground. Call me clumsy, but it happens! So, what is the easiest and effective way to remove candle wax from carpets?

All you need is an iron, a few paper towel sheets, and your wax-covered carpet. The size of the wax spill wasn't that large, only about the diameter of a drinking glass.

Start off by heating your iron to the lowest setting possible, depending on your carpet fibres. I set mine to 2, or "cotton". Anything higher than that, and my carpet will melt! Once your iron is hot, place one sheet of paper towel over the wax spot on your carpet. Slowly go over the paper towel with your iron. Try not to make contact with the carpet and your iron.
You can see the wax being absorbed by the paper towel when it leaves an oily "wet" residue behind. This is the wax that is melted from the carpet and caught on the paper towel.
Continue "ironing" over top the paper towel, until all wax is removed from the carpet.
And you are left with a nice and clean carpet, as if nothing ever spilled!

New Window Curtains (And a Hemming Tutorial)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When we first moved to our new home, I didn't mind the curtains that were there. Yes, they were hideous, but I knew I would change them soon and so I never thought much of it. Little did I know, they were actually broken. Turning them to open up the blinds was nearly impossible unless I turned each individual ones while pulling on the string.

I honestly think these blinds were installed when the house was built, some 30 years ago. Our living room is small, and the window is pretty much the width of the room. Which is why I wanted to take time in searching for the right drapes. However, this search took almost two years. I finally found neutral coloured drapes that seem to work with the area and were inexpensive. This is our starter home, and since we will be moving on out of here in a couple years I didn't want to invest in anything major. Save up the money for the real deal, right?

We also bought sheer drapes a long time ago, when I first wanted to change the window curtains. But for some reason I did some wrong measurements so they were longer than the windows and thus needed some hemming. By this point I did not want to buy new sheer curtains and waste any more money than needed. Here is my quick how-to on hemming drapes. This was my first time and so I hemmed as I went along.

I first put up the sheer drapes to see how short they needed to be hemmed. I marked this length using some bobby pins by folding the bottom up. It actually fit perfectly along the already existing stitches. It was only a matter of folding up along the existing stitch line.

Using my sewing machine, I stitched width-wise. I made sure that the fold was facing the window, so it is not seen when the dark drapes are open.

And there you have it, (somewhat) nicely hemmed sheer window coverings.

And here are the new window coverings! I love them now since it allows so much more light to flow in and makes the room appear larger.

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