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Super Bowl Party Ideas

Friday, January 24, 2014

The teams have been made and the party planning begins! If you can believe, I have never hosted a Super Bowl party. I am not a football fan, I don't keep up with that. But for some reason I always tune into the game on Super Bowl Sunday. It's the hype, the commercials and just the energy level I feel from people both before and after the game that gets me hyped up. Which is why I have always wanted to host a party but because I never keep track of the sport I never know when it is until it is too late to even plan. So this year I made sure I would be on top of things! Which is why I am making this collection of Super Bowl party ideas - in case you too are stuck and not sure on what to plan! Hope these help in the planning process! I am getting excited!

Big Game Tabletop of Snacks
This is probably my most favourite idea! I always love displaying food in a visually appealing manner. I always think that the better looking the food is set up the better tasting it will be! And with yummy snacks and drinks served, the food will taste even better!
Fun Mini Games
You can incorporate small games as you watch the game, to keep things interesting especially at the beginning of the game. I love some of these ideas!

Rate the Commercials
 Super Bowl Ad Stats
Super Bowl Bingo
Guess the Score
Super Bowl Bingo

Decor Trends for 2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

With a new year upon us, adding some more colour or decor pieces will help liven up your space and make it feel fresh. Here are some of this year's predicted decor trends!

1.  Radiant Orchid

Let's start off with the colour of the year! Pantone's choice for colour of the year is Radiant Orchid.This colour reminds me of freshness and of spring and all things girly! You don't need to go out and repaint your living room, bedroom and bathroom in this colour - that might be an eye-sore. But you can add splashes of this colour around your home as pillows, area rugs and decor pieces.
Area Rug // Pillow // Lamp // Dining Chairs
2. Metals
The outlook for metals this year is copper. Of course, brass and gold will still be in style, but copper is slowly starting to creep into many designs throughout decor pieces. Aside from copper, mixing up your gold, silver and brass is also a hot trend around the house, although this has been around for some time now.
top // middle // bottom

3. Chunky Knits
Chunky knit anything brings a lot of comfort and texture to a room. This rising trend is now being seen used as a pattern in ceramic pieces to add the appearance of knit texture.

4. Geometry Adding a few pieces of geometric design into your decor will add some vintage flare to your space. Add geometry from pillow fabrics, area rugs, wall art, wall paper or small decor pieces.
top left //top right // middle //  bottom

5. Blue Hues
Cobalt blue, navy, and turquoise are all still in hot demand for accent pieces and statement subjects. Paint an accent wall in turquoise, add a navy blue couch or add some cobalt blue accent pillows. Whatever it is, you can be sure these are here to stay a while.
top left // top right // bottom left // bottom right
 6. Light Woods
 Light woods are moving in fast and taking over the dark espresso and black stained woods. Things from hardwoods to dining room tables to end tables.
top left // top right // bottom left // bottom right

Living Room Update: Decor Pillows

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello everyone! From my last post on my living room update, I showed you guys how I quickly and easily re-did my old lamp shade. I found the perfect fabric that I knew would fit with the room and provide a nice pop of colour.

Today I will show you all how I added some other touches to the couch using the same fabric. I am no sewing expert. In fact - I started to sew last year. So, I did this using no template but my head :) Hopefully you can follow along as well and it makes sense to you all!

My living room pillows are 18"x21". Make sure to add 1/2" to each side of the fabric. Using a dark orange fabric, I cut one piece to fit to the back of the pillow and two 6" pieces for the front. I used the same fabric as the lamp shade for the middle strip.
*I added the 1" text to the bottom image since I forgot to include the addition of 1" to compensate for the sewing space!

This is what I envisioned it looking....

Make sure to sew the wrong side of both fabrics together.

And this is what you get...

Using sewing pins, pin your already made front side to the back side fabric. Again, pin together with the wrong sides of the fabric facing out.

And sew together! 

Because I will add a button to keep the stuffing in, I sewed up to the decorative fabric edge on one side to allow a space to stuff the pillow case. I also finished the raw edges to prevent fraying.

And this is how the almost finished product looks! Now to add the button and stuffing :)

I bought this no sew snap fastener kit from Walmart to add to the opening of the pillow case. It is so easy to do, and the instructions are enclosed with the kit.

And now the fun part: the stuffing! Depending on how firm or soft you want it.

And this is the finished product! It matches perfectly with the lamp! Don't worry - I will show you all how the final room looks. I still have a couple more things to do and a few more pillows to sew! Stay tuned next week to see the final reveal!

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Living Room Update: Lamp Revamp

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hello friends! Over the past two weeks, I have been doing some small projects to help improve our living room. If you recall from a post almost a year ago, I gave you all a look at my (boring) living room. When we first moved into our home, I thought it would be a cool idea to match the lamp shade, couch and pillows all the same colour as the wall (sorry for the poor quality of the picture!). I then tried to add colour to the room by making some decorative pillows. After more than a year living this way, I said enuff and took on some initiative to decorate this room.

I give you: subject A. A plain, lifeless looking lampshade that oftentimes camouflages itself with its surroundings. Sneaky sneaky Mr. Lampshade! This was my first object to tackle of this living room update.

Shopping around for some fabric, I decided to go with a brown-orange and turquoise look to the room. It matches perfectly with the painting we have in the living room.

I knew I wanted a "wow" factor design to the fabric for the lamp. When I laid my eyes on this Greek key pattern in burnt orange colour, I just knew it would match perfectly with the look I was aiming in the room. I quickly did a wee bit of a dance in the isle (I hope no one saw!) and took it home to start my project.

I went right to work! I took off that old lamp shade fabric while laughing hysterically thinking nice thoughts of what the lamp will turn out.

At first I thought about spraying on an adhesive to keep the fabric in tact. But then I thought a simple glue gun around the edges would do just fine. I would've taken a picture of the process, but my fingertips were burnt from the glue gun that I couldn't take pictures with tears in my eyes! Hence the rougher-than-expected edges. But hey, they are on the underside so no one will ever see!

I also folded down the edges to provide a nice clean line where the fabric ends. This will anyways be going to the back, but to make it look cleaner.

Ta-da! The new, hip and "wow" lampshade!

I am so happy with the turnout! It looks awesome and really brightens up this space!

Make sure to stop by Thursday to see my new pillows and how this space is coming along! Also, don't forget to visit The Best Blog Recipes tomorrow where I'll be sharing my crispy chicken and tabbouleh wrap recipe.

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Inspirational Wall Art {DIY}

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello everyone! Happy New Year 2013! Hope you all had a wonderful New Years! We spent the evening with both his and my parents. It was a nice and relaxing evening. I really didn't feel like going out or doing anything. So it was nice to just stay home in my comfy clothing and ring in the New Year this way! I wanted to show you guys a gift I made for my dear friend for Christmas. She loves quotes; in fact she lives by them! So I wanted to make her a special quote wall art that she can either hang in her workplace or at home. I asked her what her fave quote is, and it's the quote by Gandhi: "Be the change you wish to see in the world". I love that quote now too! :)

I started off by making the word arrangement in GIMP (my favourite photo editor). I rearranged the words in a way that would be post appealing. I also made them a dark purple, since that is her fave colour.

When I was happy with the arrangement I printed it off on an 8.5x11" paper. I bought a large picture frame with a matte opening of 8x10".

Position the words to fit perfectly into the matte.

And there you go! Perfect and inspirational word art that you can hang on the wall or lean against the wall on your bookshelf.

Below is the actual JPEG of the image, if you would all like to print it off and hang for yourselves. Enjoy!

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Red, Green and Gold Holiday Vignette

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello! Thanks for stopping by at this busy time of the year. I have been so busy with everything Christmas, from baking cookies to crafts to watching my fave movies. I finally had time to take some pictures of my holiday vignette I have in the family room. I am welcoming you to see my display, so come on in and take a peek for yourselves!

This is what the vignette looks like. I went with a red, green and gold theme this year. It is traditional, but it also goes very well with the wall colour. Nothing too bold.

I have an evergreen tree in the back yard, so I snipped some branches off and used them as my garland along the front of the table. I bought some snowflake ornaments and stuck them in the branches for a more "winter wonderland" sort of look.

I decided to display some pretty gold and red ornaments on a gold charger plate. Simple, easy and very pretty. Adding some snowflakes ties in with the look of the garland.

I filled three tall vases of varying sizes with some faux snow found at the dollar store. Sticking in some pieces of evergreen branches, I wanted to create a winter scene in a vase.

I love this nutcracker from HomeSense. Again, keeping up with the colour scheme of golf and silver.

I was thinking of the best ways to display our Christmas cards. I decided on using table card holders from our wedding to hold each card. It displays it nicely and provides some nice decor to the table.

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

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