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Camping 2013

Friday, August 9, 2013

This summer we went on two different camping trips in two different parks. I finally downloaded all the pictures from the camera to my computer. I have a tendency of keeping photos on my computer for a while until I literally have to force myself to transfer to the computer (laziness, procrastination, call it whatever you want!). I have combined the two camping trips into one. Both were super fun and super exciting!

The first trip we went to was at Long Point Provincial Park. On our first night we ended up experimenting with a neat feature our friend's camera had using our flashlights. They turned out very funky!

The park was amazing. The beach was so clean and just down the road from our campsite, and the campsite was very nice.

Even our fur-baby loved camping! He was all for high-fives!

We played pictionary to pass the time...

...and walked the beach trail both day and night. The starry night sky was just breathtaking; however I could not take a picture of it! It was like being in those domes with the stars projected on the ceiling. Just magnificent!

We stayed only three days, two nights. We were all sad to leave, even Sparky!

This past weekend, we visited Craigleith Provincial Park located right on the Georgian Bay.

The park is right across from Blue Mountain, an alpine ski resort in Ontario. The views driving in the area were just spectacular.

Many of the campsites are so close to the road that the noise of the cars was  sometimes too loud. But we were closer to the Georgian Bay shore that the waves overpowered the noise from the fast-traveling cars. We were just steps away from the beautiful scenic view of the shale bedrock along the shore and the clear waters of Georgian Bay.

The sunset made it that much scenic and breathtaking!

We decided to drive up Blue Mountain and hike atop the 420 metre scenic view. Such a beautiful view of the entire city and bay!

We made some yummy food on the barbecue! Some traditional European hamburgers, stuffed tomato and cheese portobello mushrooms, spicy chicken shish kabobs, baked potatoes, and corn-on-the-cob (separate nights, not all in one day!!).

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