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Bathroom Reno Reveal

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hello and thanks for stopping by! First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!! Hope you have a great day and the rest of the holiday weekend! I have been talking about my bathroom reno for the past month or so now, and I am happy to say that our bathroom reno is finally complete!

So you have probably heard me talking about my bathroom reno that we started last week. I am happy to say that after 8 days of working on it, the bathroom is finally complete! When we first bought this house last year, I didn't think too much of the bathroom since it looked clean and useable (believe me, during our house hunting days, there were a couple homes whose bathrooms were very far from this statement). And since it was a neutral colour with a white cabinet, I thought it was a perfect design. Oh, little did I know that this colour (you have probably heard me say this over and over again...every. single. room. is painted the same colour!) would be eating me alive after only a few short months. I didn't like the fact that it was the same colour as my bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen. Need I say more?

So, after convincing my hubby to redo the bathroom, we started our bathroom shopping. Now, this process took a while. We had a budget in mind, and didn't want to spend more than what we wanted on this tiny little bathroom. So we looked for sales and deals where we could. And we did find them! The vanity, vanity top, shower faucets, and extras in the bathroom were all on sale. Yay! So lets walk you through this bathroom before the reno:

And like I mentioned before, we barely  had any room to store our things. As you can see, everything was laid out on the counter. I thought I had a pretty good organizational system underneath the counter, but after a few weeks I was sick of searching for my hair spray and comb. So I had no choice. 

The light fixture...need I say more? I think every standard bathroom built comes with these. Nothing special...just provides the basic light. Not anything pretty! Oh and the standard ol' mirror...again nothing pretty.

The tiles...those ugly, yellowy tiles. I think these were the originals from when the house was built in the 70's. I'm sorry, I don't mean to hate on them, they were probably pretty to the previous owners. But I personally don't like them. And plus that 2-handle faucet and shower head kept dripping non-stop. Another reason to update the bathroom, no?

My dad helped us with this reno. He is such a good handyman, and hubby really learns a lot too. We had to take down the soap holder and towel rod first. We bought the plastic tub walls, and what was great about them was that they can be placed right over top the tiles....easy peasy!

Since we were upgrading from a two-handle faucet to a single-handle faucet, we had to cut out holes in the wall for that. I am so happy to be done with this old faucet!

And just a touch of greenery I added to the bathroom when we moved in to give it more texture. I guess it worked for only so long!

So after 8 days of working on it, running out to the hardware store some 20 times (the pipes are old, things went wrong and needed to be replaced), our bathroom is finally complete! Here are the pictures! The wall paint is Behr "Light French Gray".

I just have to mention that I love this mirror! I bought it at BouClair Home and it fit the perfect size that we needed in this space. I love how the brass nickel matches the door handles, light, towel rod and toilet holder.

A closer look at the detail on the mirror.

The vanity light. A very classy update from what we previously had!

I spray painted the floral pot in a cream colour. I like it for now, but am thinking of spray painting it blue to add some colour in here and match the walls.

And the shower. Updating the faucet and shower head feels like heaven now! And the tub walls add so much space for the bodywash and shampoo bottles. There are four shelves in total, but the right side is hidden in this picture by the shower curtain. Also, replacing the shower curtain with a white one really made the inside of the tub look and feel big when showering! What a major improvement!

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Bathroom Reno - Days 1-4

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello! I haven't had time to really post these past few days. We are hard at work over here, fixing up and renovating our bathroom. I made a post a month ago about some bathroom reno ideas that I wanted to incorporate in this renovation. While we started the reno on Saturday, it is still in the works so I have no "after" pictures for you. We have yet to put up the bathroom walls, buy a mirror, replace the light fixture, and thoroughly clean up and vacuum the bathroom.

This post will show you what we started with. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures during the renovation so far. I just did the pictures before we started. Looking back now, I am so happy we decided to redo the bathroom.  So here are the before pictures:

And the vanity, with the stuff on top! It is because we barely had any space underneath the cabinet (well, we did but the only thing we had for organization were baskets. And those big baskets didn't really organize my makeup and hair clips).

The drippy shower...drip...drip...drip! So happy this is fixed now! Oh and might I mention the old faucet. I hated that thing!!

And here is what we bought for the reno. There is also the tub walls, mirror (which we still need to buy) and light fixture which were not pictured. 

So this is the process so far. I hope that we are done the bathroom soon and then I can finally post the final pictures! So be sure to come back and see the process!

Decisions, Decisions

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Good morning all! Thanks for stopping by today! If you remember from yesterday's post, I was talking about the different looks that I was going for in regards to our bathroom reno that we will be starting soon. After thinking about it more last night, looking through the selections at the local hardware stores in town, I have come up with some ideas of what I have found suitable for the bathroom, which I found all from Rona.

This first reno board I created uses dark cabinets with a white counter top. I love the idea of including a glass shelf, since it adds a modern touch. I did not include a mirror in this board because I was planning on reusing the mirror we currently have and just adding a frame around it.
This second board uses white cabinets, white counter top and a really neat mirror. I like this mirror since it is simple but modern.
Looking at my two boards I think I am really aiming for the darker cabinets. Since our bathroom is small, having the two drawers with one door helps to add more storage space and allows us to organize it efficiently. I find myself adding baskets and stackable shelves in our current two-door cabinet to maximize space.

And finally, the paint! I am telling you now, it is SO hard to decide on paint. I like neutral and light. The tiles we currently have in the bathroom, which we are not replacing, have hints of blue and grey in them. So I naturally went with that palette. Here are a few of my faves that I chose from Behr. I will collect these colour sample chips the next time I go to Rona or Home Depot and see which colour choice works best in our bathroom. Again, I will keep you updated on this as things start to roll along with this reno!
Are you liking any of my selections? Do you have a preferred colour? Let me know in the comments section below!

Bathroom Renovation - Ideas

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hi all! Hope your week is going by great! The hubby and I have decided we are finally going to give our outdated bathroom a new style. I am so excited, because I am absolutely tired of seeing the outdated old stuff in there. You know...the 1970's style vanity that was painted white by the previous owner to make it appear new, the really old (turned yellow) tiles, the same paint as the rest of the house (I guess those people thought a neutral colour choice would be best for the ENTIRE home!) and just how dark the room appears. I haven't taken any pictures to show you yet. But that is because we haven't really started buying stuff for the bathroom yet. So keep an eye out to see when we do start the reno process, which should be within the next couple weeks!

As any good decorator and DIY-do-er (does that make sense?), I invested some time into searching up for inspiration. I think I have good taste, but I also think I need to freshen up on my good taste. So I was searching on the HGTV Canada website for bathroom inspiration. This is a collection of what I have found that appeal to me and to our current bathroom.

Our bathroom is small, so small that you can practically touch either sides of the walls just by standing in the middle! So something light and airy will do this bathroom good. I like white, and white really opens up any room. I like this bathroom since the paint is very light, and the colour choice of the vanity and mirror is white. It makes the room look big and bright. Plus the lighting fixture is pretty!

Again, same thing with this bathroom style. However, the wall colour appears to be white, with dark grey accent tiles in the shower. What a dramatic statement!

I love this colour choice for the bathroom. This is the exact (reverse) layout of our bathroom - toilet and sink on one wall, and bathtub on the opposite wall. But minus the big window. We have no windows in our bathroom, which is why I want a light colour palette and a light vanity with much-needed lighting!

Again, loving the colour choice that is reflected in the big mirror. But I love the white counter and dark vanity! Makes the room look so modern.

I just love the glass shelf above the toilet - so modern! Plus that grey-brown colour choice is oh-so chic!

Again, loving the dark vanity, white sink and blue wall colour.

So as you can see (and now I can see too!), I really want to go with the grey or blue light tone for the wall colour, big mirrors, and lots of lighting. However, I am still torn between a dark brown colour for the vanity or a lighter choice. I think I need to do more searching and thinking for this one. But as long as we tear down those ugly tiles and replace with something that is easier to deal with, I still have time to think of the colour of the vanity! Stay tuned, I will update you all on what my choices are, what the bathroom looks like currently, and our entire reno project! :)
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