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Basement Reno - Update

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hi and thanks for stopping by! As promised in my post earlier this week, here is that update to what the basement looks like now. You probably noticed the lack-of furniture in the basement (other than the needed couch, tv and some odds and ends) in the previous post. We have since updated this space to make it more cozy and homey.

As you recall in this picture, our walls looked so boring. There surely needed something to liven things up.

So a quick search on Kijiji for wall art, I came across this painting and fell in love. And for $15 for such a large picture, it was surely a steal!

So that once-boring wall now looks like this.

And again a view with the TV.

And remember that boring space right next to the TV in the corner?

Well, after buying some nice canvas art and an Ikea shelving unit, this space now has some functional usage AND decorative appeal.

Finally, a place for my National Geographic book collection and my collection of stuff.

I didn't want the background of the shelving unit to be the same colour as the walls, so I spruced it up by taping some pretty wallpaper I bought. The brown matches with the same earthy tone I was going for in this living space, while the metallic silver swirls add a touch of glam.

While this space still looks pretty much the same as it initially did, I did add some decorative pieces to the table.

Like this from HomeSense. I believe it is Julius Caesar, due to the Laurel wreath on his head. But I am not 100% sure. Either way, I loved this ceramic piece.

A nice white picture frame with the same wall paper used in the shelving unit ties into the theme.

And, of course, I had to showcase my beautiful bouquet from my wedding. I absolutely love this part!

Basement Reno Reveal

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hi all! Thanks for stopping by! Today I wanted to share with you our basement renovation before and during. From those of you who know us, you might remember we finished putting up the final drywall in December and finished the painting and carpeting in January. So this is not news for you. Check out this post to see what the finished basement looks like with the addition of stuff (you know...the things that make a room look pretty).

For those of you who don't know, I'll fill you in on the details. Me and my husband moved into our starter house last May. We chose this one since it was cute, small, and just a perfect fixer-upper. We knew what we wanted to do to this house, and have done many projects so far to modernize it. The biggest project we have tackled is finishing up the basement. The basement was a dark, cold dungeon like room with no windows and bright yellow walls (I guess due to the lack of lighting, the previous owners believed the bright yellow walls would make the room look bright? Whatever the reason, it was still dark!). It is where we have our laundry room and now our family room. But before it was fixed, it was not liveable. Which is why we tackled the project head-on. I'll take you on a tour of what it used to look like before and after.

As you walk down the stairs, to your right, this is what you would see. We did the framing throughout the basement all by ourselves. As you can see, those doors against the wall were those replaced from each room upstairs. They were old, creaky, and painted in the same beige colour as the walls. So it felt like you were in a beige box in addition to the annoying noises they made. Plus, I like the paneled doors better :) (yes I know, picky!).

Again, looking full-on from the stairs. See that single light in the middle? Yes, that is ALL we had!

The previous owners left the deep freezer in the basement. Funny story - when we were viewing the empty house, we decided to look in the freezer. I was afraid that there would be a body or who knows what stuck in the freezer because the basement did seem like a dungeon!! Thankfully, there was absolutely nothing!

The view from the corner. You can see the hollow stairs, and a little peek on the other side of the room. 

A full-on view of the basement.

And this is the other side of the basement. We didn't finish the other side, since it's a bit more complicated area with the furnace and boiler. We honestly don't mind having an unfinished laundry room for now.

So, now that you have seen the BEFORE, are you ready for the AFTER pictures?? :)

So this is what the basement looked like when we were all done with the painting, installing the carpet, and with some of the furniture we bought to make this place liveable.

A full view of the basement. Doesn't it look bigger, brighter, and just a nice cozy place to relax in? As you can see, we installed spot lights, a total of 10 in this room (6 can only be seen from this angle). So it really brightens up this space.

The 55" TV that the Mr.  purchased even before we finished this basement. I guess that was enough motivation to make him finish it! We also did our wiring for the surround-sound system in the walls, so you don't see any wires hanging.

  And now we have a small closet underneath the stairs. Yay for more storage!

The other half of the room is closed off with these beautiful french double-doors. FYI this was my idea! Hehe!I have always wanted french doors, and now I finally have them!

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