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CardioTrainer - Mobile Fitness App

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Since I have been running more often these days, I am finding myself wanting to keep track of the amount of calories I burn, length of time I run, as well as the distance I run. A cool new app I recently found has allowed me to keep track of all that, and more! I love this little handy app, and use it every time I go running or biking. It is called CardioTrainer. It is honestly the best app you can have that will do (almost) the same thing as the machines in the gym!

When you are ready to hit the road running, CardioTrainer will track your every step. It tells you the length of time you have been working out, the number of steps you took, the distance you traveled and the calories you burned. By enabling GPS on your phone, CardioTrainer also shows you the map of your travel! When you start a workout, you can select the type of workout you are doing. There is a large list of activities, such as walking, treadmill, badminton, climbing stairs, hiking, and even house cleaning!
 All of your workouts are tracked, so you can always check out your progress. The history shows you all of the same information as any regular workout session. Total distance and calories are provided for each month. And you can always schedule your workouts and receive reminders of your scheduled workouts.
  Ever go running and forget your iPod? With CardioTrainer you don't need to worry about bringing your iPod with you! It has an integrated music player that plays from your phone playlist. So all you  need is a pair of headphones and you are set for your workout! The other neat feature that the app provides is voice feedback on your progress. It will tell you how many minutes you have been working out for, the distance traveled and calories burned. Basically, no need to look at the screen until you finish the workout!
A fun and cute feature that I love: Once you have completed each workout, it will compare the number of calories burned with a food item. For me, my 50 calories I burned is equivalent to 2 carrots!

CardioTrainer is available for all Android phones for free. You can choose to upgrade to CardioTrainer Pro for $9.99US, which has more options and features to play with!

Just For The Ladies - Period Tracker App

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ok this post is for all the gals out there! I wanted to share a particular android app I use almost on a regular basis - Period Tracker app. If you're like me, you tend to forget when the last time your period came. Which is why this app can be perfect for you. So when your friends ask you to go to the beach this weekend, you won't forget that your "great aunt" is visiting the day you all plan to go. I love this cute and handy app that I use to enter my symptoms during my periods, as well as my moods or notes when I am not on my period. And this way I will never forget to pack according to when my aunt is expected to come!

The home screen of the app tells you when your next period should start as well as how many days you have until your next period or how many days you are late. What is also really cute is that when you are in your fertile time, flowers will bloom over the tree branches.

The calendar is very simple to use. Your period days are displayed with the little pink/red triangle in the corner, with light pink representing your light days and red representing your heavier days. Your fertile days are represented with a green dot and your ovulation day is shown with a flower. If you were intimate any days, it would show up with a heart, and any notes you made about your moods or symptoms are shown by a black dot.

You can enter your moods and symptoms of any day. The "moods" icons are just too cute! And for  each symptom there are three levels of intensities. This is great since I might have slight cramps on my first day but more intense cramps on my second day. This way, I can easily compare with how I felt the other months.

In settings, you can see what your average cycle is and how long your cycles were each month. You can also enter your body weight and temperature. I don't use this setting, since I don't feel it is necessary.

There are two versions of the app: the lite, which is free and the one I explained above; and the deluxe, which is $1.99 and has more options and features.

Note: These are not my images, They are the images retrieved from the app screenshots. This was not a sponsored post. I wanted to share this app with you all!

5 Free Addicting App Games

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There are times when I find myself playing app games while watching TV, before going to bed, and even on a car/bus ride somewhere. I love games that get your mind thinking and your brain working! Below are five free android app games for you to try and get addicted to :) Enjoy!

CrossMe Color - If you love sudoku, crosswords, and a "colour-by-number" type of games, then you'll love CossMe Color! Basically, you are given numbers on the side of the grid that corresponds to the number of cells that are filled in.

4 Pics 1 Word - This is probably my most favourite game to play nowadays! The game provides you with four images that have one thing in common. You are given blank spots of the word with a letter bank to use. After each round, you are given 3 coins to use towards either one letter to show in the word or one letter to disappear from the letter bank.

Flow Free - I love these mind-puzzling type of games! This one is definitely another one I have added to my list of challenging (and addicting) games. While it looks like a plain tracing game, the object of this game is to connect the corresponding coloured dots while being careful not to cross over them. You need to strategically plan which paths to take and in which order.

Jewel Star - This is probably one of those games that everyone has played, or a similar game to it. Basically, you just match the identical jewels; match them all and you advance to the next level!

Hazard Rush - If you have ever played Geometry Wars, you will notice this game is very similar. It is very addicting, since you want to keep playing! Basically, you fly through space and try to collect as many coins (green dots) as possible while avoiding shapes from coming after you. As your level advances, more and more shapes appear for you to dodge. Believe me, you won't be able to take your finger or your eyes off this game!

Are there any games you are addicted to right now? Please share!
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