Make Your Own Pizza Party!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I love entertaining with friends, and always look for ways to add some fun into dinner parties or regular hangouts. Last time I had a dinner party, I decided to do a fun pizza party but with a twist. Instead of ordering pizza, I wanted to do a "make your own" pizza party. This way each person makes their own pizza accordingly, and you don't have to worry about getting the right toppings,

The day of the pizza party, I made my own dough in my bread maker. By the way, if you still make dough the old fashioned way, you need to invest in a good bread machine! Seriously, it is as easy as putting all the ingredients into the machine and just leaving it all for the machine to do. Easy peasy! An hour before company arrived, I prepped the ingredients - chopped the veggies and pepperoni, shredded the cheese, and placed them all in individual dishes.

I also flattened out the dough in aluminum pie pans. These were found at the local dollar store. This way when the guests arrived, everything was all set for them to just top their pizzas!

The pizzas were baked all together at 450F for about 25 minutes. That way no one's pizza got cold and we all ate at the same time! A fun party and a great way to get your guests to be creative and involved!

Repurposed Stool DIY

Monday, November 10, 2014

At the beginning of summer, I was helping my grandma clean out her garage before her big move. I ended up finding lots of little things that I was able to salvage, clean up or repurpose and reuse. When I came across a beautifully crafted old table I was on cloud nine! I was looking for the perfect stool or end table for the basement, and I knew that with a little elbow grease it was going to turn out perfect!

But after a couple of months of it sitting in the shed at my house, it still looked like the same beat-up table I happily brought home earlier that summer. I just had no inspiration of how to repurpose this table. Would it be a table or a stool? Would I use marble contact paper to finish the top of the table or use beautiful fabric and turn it into a stool? It wasn't until I came across a very similar design at a store in the mall that I knew what I was going to do with this one! So I took this as my inspiration:

That weekend I got to work on my refurb project. I started by taking off all hardware.

A little lot of sanding was needed for this baby! At first I thought I would easily do it by hand but then switched to the sander to quicken the process.

After a half hour or so, the sanding was all complete! Ain't she a beauty?!

The top plywood was in very bad condition, so that needed to be taken off. Plus it was easier to stain with just the bare bones.

I used this amazing wood stain that I have used on a couple other projects in the past. It works well and I only needed to apply two coats to get a nice deep rich colour.

After two coats and a lacquer top coat, I left it to completely dry overnight.

Since the plywood for the tabletop was in very bad condition, the hubby cut out a perfect identical product from a piece of plywood.  This tabletop was cut to 18"x18"...pretty big surface!

What do you do with old pillows that are so flat and no longer soft to sleep on? Use it as seating cushions of course! I also had this leftover fabric from a previous project that I knew was going to match perfectly with the basement decor.

Using a staple gun, we tightly secured the fabric to the underside of the plywood.

I wanted to add a nice finished trim edge around the cushion, but instead of purchasing the piping from the fabric store, I simply reused an old cable that I no longer needed. Why spend money when there are so many things in your home that you can reuse and repurpose!?

I found a cord long enough that fits the perimeter of the seat. I also cut 2 two-inch pieces of fabric that fits around the perimeter of the seat.

I tightly folded the fabric length-wise over the cord and secured it around the edge of the seat using a staple gun. I worked carefully around the edges, making a nice rounded edge.

I finished the end of the fabric by folding it over width-wise. And there you have it! A nice clean trim for cheap!

I wanted to complete the stool with some nice accents. I found these cabinet backplates with the kitchen cabinet hardware at the local Home Depot and knew it would work perfectly with the look of the stool.

Remember the wooden caps that I took out at the beginning of this reno project? Well, the area was left with two holes on the sides of the stool. And this is exactly where I screwed the cabinet backplates into.

And drum roll please!! The finished look!

What a difference a little elbow grease and some inspiration can do to an otherwise "old" item!

Juicing: Orange, Carrot, Beet and Pineapple Juice

Monday, November 3, 2014

Recently, my husband and I have been kind of on a juicing high. We have been purchasing so many different fruits and veggies to try and juice. It is so easy and fun, and a great way to explore and create your own juices. We purchased a store-brand juicer and it has actually served us quite well and is the most amazing kitchen appliance I have ever bought! Seriously, if you are ready to juice but too afraid of the initial cost, I assure you it is going to blow you away and you won't regret it :)

We have been experimenting with different recipes, juicing only vegetables and taking that to work with us. Today I will share with you one of our top recipes of sweet juices! Make sure that all your veggies and fruits are washed. You do not need to peel the veggies as the juicer will pretty much do it for you. Enjoy!

Prep time: 5 min        Yield: 2 servings

- 1 large carrot cut in half or 2 small carrots, cut into chunks
- 2 small beets, cut in half
- 2 thick slices pineapple, peeled and cut into chunks
- 2 large oranges, peeled and cut in half

1. Turn on your juicer. Add the ingredients one at a time through your juicer. Enjoy!

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