DIY Christmas Centerpiece Candle Holder

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hi all! I know I haven't been around blogland much these past few days (ok, couple of weeks). Time is just flying by for me and I really have no time after work to do any sort of craft, and when I do make some yummy new recipe it totally slips my mind to even take pictures. Last week I made sure to set up my Christmas tree! Christmas can never come too early in our household! To me, this is the most wonderful time of the year (and I am not just taking this lyric from the song!). The whole spirit of the Christmas season fills me with so much joy and happiness! I was out shopping at HomeSense for some decor pieces and came across a beautiful candle centerpiece. However, at $16.99 for a small thing was so not in my budget. So I decided I would do a DIY project and make it my own!

I thought of all the things I needed and quickly went to my local dollar store. The thing about dollar stores is that they have almost everything you need for a craft. And with a little imagination, an item designed for one use can be utilized for a craft! Such as the cork board for flower pots. This makes the perfect base to start my project! Garland, gold poinsettias and gold hollies and berries tie the whole look of the project together! Here is a quick guide to make your own DIY Chritmas centerpiece.

What you need:
- Garland
- Cylinder candle holder
- Round cork board (you can also use round paper or Styrofoam plate)
- Sparkly Christmas decor picks (hollies, berries, poinsettias, etc.)
- Decorative candle
- Tools: wire cutter, glue gun

1. Using your wire cutters, cut the garland into approximately 4" strips. Cut some shorter and some longer. I used a 5' garland and ended up cutting 16 strips.

2. Start gluing each garland piece onto the cork board. Make sure to use your cylinder candle holder as a guide to the diameter space needed in the centre. Glue longer strips with an inch of space in between, and then gluing smaller strips in between the spaces.
3. Because I had a little bit  more space in the centre of the arrangement and I wanted a more dense look, I bent some extra garland strips into semi-circles and glued it around the centre where the garland picks were glued.
4. Test out the arrangement with the cylinder candle holder. Mine fit in perfectly and with little space to see the cork board underneath. Make sure to spread out the garland branches for a fuller look, if needed.
5. Arrange your decorative picks before you start gluing them. This way you can add or remove if it is starting to look a little too much. Then glue your decorative picks in place.

Add your candle to the candle holder and you are set! What a pretty arrangement, and all for under $10!


  1. I have two words for that christmas centerpiece: ELEGANT AND FABULOUS!
    That was simply amazing. I'd like to inquire if I can share this to my Christmas table decorations pinterest board?
    That I will appreciate greatly. Cheers!

  2. That was soo divine and magical! I love the gold embellishments you used, pretty amazing.
    Thanks for sharing inspiration.
    Feel free to stop by sometimes,
    Marilyn @ Christmas centerpiece ideas


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