Living Room Update: Decor Pillows

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello everyone! From my last post on my living room update, I showed you guys how I quickly and easily re-did my old lamp shade. I found the perfect fabric that I knew would fit with the room and provide a nice pop of colour.

Today I will show you all how I added some other touches to the couch using the same fabric. I am no sewing expert. In fact - I started to sew last year. So, I did this using no template but my head :) Hopefully you can follow along as well and it makes sense to you all!

My living room pillows are 18"x21". Make sure to add 1/2" to each side of the fabric. Using a dark orange fabric, I cut one piece to fit to the back of the pillow and two 6" pieces for the front. I used the same fabric as the lamp shade for the middle strip.
*I added the 1" text to the bottom image since I forgot to include the addition of 1" to compensate for the sewing space!

This is what I envisioned it looking....

Make sure to sew the wrong side of both fabrics together.

And this is what you get...

Using sewing pins, pin your already made front side to the back side fabric. Again, pin together with the wrong sides of the fabric facing out.

And sew together! 

Because I will add a button to keep the stuffing in, I sewed up to the decorative fabric edge on one side to allow a space to stuff the pillow case. I also finished the raw edges to prevent fraying.

And this is how the almost finished product looks! Now to add the button and stuffing :)

I bought this no sew snap fastener kit from Walmart to add to the opening of the pillow case. It is so easy to do, and the instructions are enclosed with the kit.

And now the fun part: the stuffing! Depending on how firm or soft you want it.

And this is the finished product! It matches perfectly with the lamp! Don't worry - I will show you all how the final room looks. I still have a couple more things to do and a few more pillows to sew! Stay tuned next week to see the final reveal!

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  1. Love the pillow! I wish I were better with sewing!


    1. Thanks! It gets easy don't worry! Start of with something small!

  2. too cute!!! You make it look easy :)


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