Cozy Fall Fashion 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hi all! Hope you all had an amazing weekend! It was a long one for us, so we took a little weekend trip to Toronto and had a blast meeting up with friends, doing some shopping, and seeing what the big city has to offer! It's officially September and, while the weather is still in full-on summer mode here, I am starting to really look towards fall and fall fashions. While I love summer, a part of me cannot wait to slip into some cozy boots, throw on a soft sweater and rock some fall outfits! I have been scavengering Pinterest and pinning tons of fall fashion ideas I get to my board. While I do have quite a few sweaters, I think I really need to get me some more tops that I can layer and wear underneath my sweaters and blazers. I am especially drawn more to outfits that are good to wear to the office. Because I spend a majority of my time at work, I need to expand my "office" wardrobe to include some trendy fall pieces while still being respectful for the office. 

Such as these...

A cute yet casual office outfit. Since we cannot wear jeans in our office, I think I will pair the look with skinny black pants instead! But with the jeans, it's definitely a nice outfit to wear when hanging with the girls or doing your weekend shopping!

The simplicity of this outfit is what I swoon over! And just look at that adorable hand bag!!
I love this outfit! I recently bought the same length and style pants as in the picture. So this is my inspiration to pair some cute leopard flats with a bright blazer and pretty accessories!

I love love LOVE the stripes! I too have a shirt like that along with a beige blazer that I can pair with some skinny black pants - perfect for transition from a day at the office to a night on the town!
I love the colour pairings, so soft and yet so fashionable!
I love the pairings of dark stripes with beige scarf and shoes!
I love the coral and leopard combo! Such a cute outfit!


  1. I LOVE all of these outfits!! THANK YOU for the lovely fall inspiration!! Are you on twitter?? I couldn't find you and think that I am following everything else!
    :) Rebecca

    1. You are welcome! No I have not jumped the twitter bandwagon yet...for fears I might get addicted haha!


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