My Insanity Program - A Review

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Since starting the program two months ago, I have been more conscious of what foods pass my lips, how much water I consume, and how much exercise I get. I absolutely have loved the program and recommend it to anyone telling me they need to get into shape. Although I am sad at the fact that it is over, I am considering restarting it within a few weeks and trying to lose the rest of the fat I still have lugging around me. For now, I am enjoying the morning runs since I get the exercise out of the way and I have my afternoons after work to myself. Here is my review on the program.

My Personal Pros
The biggest thing that I gained from this program is my consumption of water has increased. This was such a struggle for me since I never knew exactly how much to consume, and never tracked how much I do drink. Since starting this program and being more conscious of what I put into my body, I now drink LOTS of water daily! Increasing my water intake has also helped my skin clear up, and I noticed a reduction of acne scarring on my face!

The Insanity program was very well structured. Each workout started with a warm up (even though at the beginning it felt like a workout on its own), a stretch, the main workout and a cool down. The schedule was different each day, which is what I love. I don't like repetition, since repetition is when I begin to slowly lose focus and quit. Each workout had it's own focus, whether it was cardio, strength or endurance. I loved that I felt the burn each day, since I know I worked out hard!

Month one is a little less challenging than month two. Don't get me wrong - both months are insane! But the workout videos in month one are only 30 minutes and expand to an hour in month two. Month one really helps prepare your body for the insane and hard-core workouts in month two.

Because I have gotten used to exercising regularly (and Shaun T's motto "dig deeper"), I now push myself and just know I have to exercise if I haven’t done anything physical for a day or two. I just feel so blah if I took a day or two off and sat around doing nothing. Sometimes doing nothing feels good, but after a day of taking “time off” I need to!

My Personal Cons
This program is a 6-day a week program, with only one day of rest. When I first began, I felt so exhausted every day! Committing an hour after a long day of work to hard-core cardio was tough on my body and my social life. I needed to find a time that worked for me, since I found myself putting plans down with friends, and I was physically tired from the exercise by the time I went to bed. However, within a couple of weeks I got into a schedule and have not felt exhausted or tired from working out.

The diet was also tough on me. I learned a lot from the nutrition guide, however I knew it wasn't for me. At first I tried eating less carbs and sugar to help me lose weight and fat. However, after avoiding sugar intake for two weeks, I felt very irritable and cranky and knew that I wouldn’t be able to get used to it. So while I did still have a slice of cake or a square of chocolate a day, I knew that I can only have one small serving per day.

*     *     *     *     *     *

Most importantly, the biggest thing I have gained is confidence. Confidence in how I dress, how I look and how I represent myself. And the best thing of all? I am very HAPPY with how I look in my swim suit I bought for motivation to keep going. I can jump for joy all day long in it!


  1. You look amazing, congratulations girl! I have done a few of the insanity workouts, and they are definitely nuts, so kudos for sticking to it! I also nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog today, so be sure to check it out!

    XOXO, Chelsea

  2. Nice Job! Way to stay dedicated to the program!


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