Anniversary Getaway

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This past weekend was our one year anniversary. We decided to take the weekend off and go away on a mini vacation. 

 We went to Grand Bend, which is a few hours away from home, and stayed there at the cute little Bonnie Doone Manor-on-the-beach! 

Because we booked so late, they only had one room available - their largest one with a kitchen and all. A bit expensive, yes. But worth it? Totally! We had our own private door to the main sitting area, which had some beautiful views!

The cute and cozy 2 queen sized beds.

Isn't this kitchen so cute and cozy looking? While we didn't use it, I still liked it!

The sitting area. Just loved the lounging around part of the trip!

We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant on the beach. This pizza was called the "Ferrari" pizza. It was delish!

I don't usually drink beer, but it was just so hot that day that a nice glass of cold beer was very refreshing!

We also had some yummy Spanish wine. Such a good wine!

And some cake to celebrate. McCain Deep and Delicious was a good one, since it was packed up nicely to fit into our cooler. And is just so good!

A little bit of the night life. Although it was pretty much dead by 10 pm. All the shops were closed and the only thing left open were the food shops. We ended up strolling on the beach, which was a nice and quiet time.

On day two we went to the local flea market, ate lunch at a cute country restaurant and headed home. The weather was very gloomy so there was no point in staying longer. But it was a very relaxing weekend!

Hope you all had a nice and enjoyable weekend!


  1. There are far things better in life than a cold beer on a hot day. It looks like you guys had a great anniversary weekend! :)

  2. The kitchen is blissfully cute! And that looks like an awesome place to stay!

  3. Aww Sounds like a great time. Happy One year anniversary and many more to come. July Brides are the best!! That little place seems so cozy. and the pizza looked delish.

    The Word of A Nerd


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