Insanity Program - Week 9 Update (Final)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Well, I am officially done the Insanity 60-day program! What an adventure and a great experience it was for me! I was never able to devote my energy and time into completing or even starting any such program, but the motivation that I started with was strong throughout and I am so proud of myself and happy with the results!

I have to admit one thing, however. The past two weeks I barely did the workouts. It was mostly the combination of warm weather and wanting to go biking or for a run instead of being cooped up inside that kept me from doing the workouts. I think in the future, if and when I start this program up again I will definitely be doing it before the warm weather kicks in (like March/April or October/November).

Throughout the entire 60 days, I committed myself to only cooking healthy meals and trying to avoid eating out as much as possible. It was a success, and I have found myself eating more fruits and veggies and being more conscious as to what food passes my lips. This was great training to help me eat better and choose healthier options, which is something I will continue to follow. However, Friday night we went out to Harvey's and I ate my first burger in months. And in all honesty, my body was so used to eating clean and healthy that my body actually hurt after (mostly my stomach). I don't think I will eat any more fast food for a very long time!

Fitness-wise, I have never felt this healthy in what seems like my whole life! I can run long distances and can keep up with Insanity (well...more than I was able to when I first started the program). I have lost a total of 2% body fat, 4 inches around my hips/waist and 3 pounds. You can tell that my pants have become looser around the hip area, which is awesome! I need to go buy a new pair of yoga pants :)

Also my stomach has shrunk down a bit as well. I need to work out a little bit more of the stomach area to expose more muscle, because I can feel the muscle hiding underneath the fat. But I think one more Insanity program and I can get there! :)

I will provide a quick review of the program in a couple days, along with what I found to be some of the pros and cons.

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  1. It is a great achievement. You have set a goal and reached it, with high motivation and not giving up. The effect of this is the evidence of your hard work and the effect is pronounced in the pictures and your description of the fitness. I am impressed by the amount of excessive sessions you have done per week and in the program as a whole. You set the goal, locked on to the goal and reached the goal and I can only say: truly very well done!
    This inspires, I believe, other people, e.g. the readers of this blog and people who know you. I myself am on day 35 in my personal planned program and I get inspired to add more excessive sessions in my program. Thank you!
    Please forgive me if my English is not that good. I live in Sweden, thus my native language is not English but Swedish :)
    With best regards


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