Meet Sparky {Guest Post}

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hi there! I'm Sparky! My fur-mommy has been busy recently that she asked me to write this post for her lovely readers! While I thought this will interfere with my regular sleeping schedule (I tend to sleep during the days while my fur-mommy is working) I made sure to sleep extra long yesterday so I can be awake and write to you all today!

I am a fun and energetic one and a half year old beagle. I love to meet new people, and everyone loves to pet me. I mean, come on, look at me! No one can resist those eyes :)

I love chewing on everything. While I did chew on the carpet when I was first adopted, my fur-parents were very very angry so I decided to quit that habit. Now I love, love, LOVE chewing on my toys!

Oh and don't forget about food - it seems like there is never an end in my tummy! I love food! Anything that my fur-mommy or fur-daddy stick in their mouths I just want to try it too. So what do I do when I see them munching away and not sharing??

I give them the STARE! You know...the how-dare-you-eat-food-without-sharing-with-me-your-cute-beagle stare!

I have to say, this technique works VERY well...most of the time! I think they caught on, because this technique hasn't been working as much as I want it to recently. Maybe I should try to give them the sad puppy eyes! You know which ones...

I am a weird beagle. I tend to find small and tight places so I can curl up into a tight little ball when I sleep. I don't know why but this position is always the most comfy one!

I know my fur-mommy loves to share my baby pictures, so I will share some with you! Don't worry - I never share any naked bath time pictures of me like my fur-mommy loves to do...that is SO embarrassing!

I always love meeting new people, so please say hello! Don't worry, I don't bite (maybe just lick you until you tell me to stop!).


  1. Gosh , Sparky is so adorable :)I am envying because I wanna be a fur-momma :)
    Got you from Aloha Hop . It's so lovely to read you!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Awee those sad puppy eyes! How can you ever be fully immune to them? Very cute dog you have :)


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