Chopula, Scizza and Chobs by Dreamfarm {Product Review}

Monday, May 27, 2013

I love to cook and bake, as you all can probably tell on my blog. I also love having a good set of kitchen tools and gadgets to help me prepare yummy and delicious food. When I discovered Dreamfarm and their amazing line of products, I was so fascinated by their collection of fun and clever kitchen tools that really change the way we work in the kitchen! If you haven't heard of this company from Australia, I highly recommend you surf on over to their website and check their products out! They have a wide assortment of products that I am sure will fit somewhere into your cooking routine!
I was given the opportunity to review three of their awesome products: Chopula, Chobs and Scizza. They all came in pretty packaging! I love it when products arrive in pretty packaging - it feels like Christmas for me!

I was super excited to try out the Chopula, which is half spatula and half chopper. How many times have you tried to chop up something in your pan with your spatula or wooden spoon, only to make your dish look like not-so-glamorous shreds of food? Yup, it happens to me, quite often too!
Dreamfarm Chopula

The head of the Chopula is flexible, allowing for an easy slide under food. The side of the Chopula is strong enough to "chop" through whatever you are making, be it ground meat or eggs. It also has a bend in it's handle to hold the head up off the counter to avoid messy drips.

I tried using it with my brownies that I made this past week. It was super easy to cut through my pan, since using a knife damages my pans. The flexible head easily scooped out each brownie that was ready to be served!
Dreamfarm Chopula Review

How many times have you had to wash your cutting board in between cutting your veggies and your meats, or had to use two cutting boards? Yep, this one always happens to me. But now that I have my handy Chobs product, I don't need to wash and re-wash my cutting boards! Chobs wraps around the corners of your cutting board and raises up your cutting board so that you use both sides of the board without having one side touch your counter or work top.
Dreamfarm Chobbs review

Dreamfarm Chobbs review

They also have non-slip coloured icons to let you know which side of the board is for veggies or meat. Chobs also expands to fit any thickness of cutting board.
Dreamfarm Chobbs review

I think I am in love with this tool! I absolutely despised my old pizza cutting wheel. No matter how many different ones I tried, they were all pretty much the same: useless. Scizza is a pizza scissor. It has a non-stick nylon base that will not damage your pans or cutting surface, unlike the regular pizza wheel.
Dreamfarm Scizza review

The long 4-inch blades easily and completely cut through your food.
Dreamfarm Scizza review

The base easily slides under your pizza, the long blades easily cut through your pizza without affecting the toppings, and with a slight pinch of the blades you can serve each slice without the need to use another tool. Easy! I use Scizza on my homemade thin-crust pizza.
Dreamfarm Scizza review

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If you were fascinated by any of these products, you should definitely check out the other great products that Dreamfarm has to offer! 

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Note: I was given the product for review. However, all opinions expressed here are entirely my own!

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