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Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello all on this beautiful Friday! Today I am honoured to have Abi, a sweet gal from Abi's Little Wanderings, guest posting on my blog! She is such a sweetheart and her posts say it all! And she is from Northern Ireland! How cool to meet a friend from almost half-way around the world! Call me weird, but I tend to read her blog in an Irish/British accent! Anyways, make sure to read about her and get to know her a bit! And don't forget to stop over to her blog and say hello! :)

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Hey there! I'm Abi and I blog over at Abi's Little Wanderings. I am so excited to be guest posting today for Jovana. I am a huge lover of food as my friends will tell you so her recipes are a great source of inspiration. Most of the time I like the idea of baking but when it comes down to it, I scare myself and usually end up burning something, more often than not it's my hand.

So a little bit about me. I'm 19 from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Currently I am an undergrad anthropology student in Queens University Belfast, and I love it. I have the best friends and family ever (I know everyone says that, but they really are the best). I'm surprised I was able to tell you the basics about me without having to write a huge paragraph as I am most definitely a chatter. I never shut up.
Being inspired is the most wonderful feeling in the world, whether it's a small thing or a huge life changing inspiration all are important and bring out the true passions in my heart. Those who know me well know how obsessed I am with Pinterest, I dread to think how many hours I have spent trailing through various things. In this pinspiration post I am going to be mixing it up and showing you various things that I want to try and do.

1. It's Maxi season ladies
Let's be honest, where I live can be a little chilly so when it gets warmer, when the sun comes out I make the most of it. Flip flops, shorts, sunglasses they all come out of the bottom drawer which is regrettably rarely opened. But my ultimate favourite thing to wear in the warmer months, is a maxi skirt. Dress it up with a statement belt, jewellery some kick ass heels or dress it down with some flats, a baggy tee and a messy bun. It's also unbelievably comfortable, a major plus point.
2. Bringing back the smoulder: If you are anything like me I love a bit of vintage in my life. That cat eyeliner is a must have for any night out and those red lips can dress any outfit up. My answer to red carpet make up but that you don't have to pay for. I am a cheap skate student after all.
3. Sharpie Mug DIY: The easiest DIY from pinterest that I have found thus far. It's unbelievably simple. Get a sharpie, a white mug from a cheap shop and get creative. I did two of these, one said 'hello' and the other said 'Good Morning Sunshine'. Once you have done your design sorted bake it in the oven at 350 F./ 180 C for 20 minutes. Done. And you are left with personalised and individual mugs. Heads up though, don't put them in the dishwasher!
4. Wall Collage
There is part of me that would love to have a run down house so that I can make it quirky and fun. I want to throw in an eclectic mix, like mismatched rugs and vintage photo frames. I also have a slight obsession with fairy lights, my electricity bill must be shocking. Anyway, I am going to plaster one of my walls with photographs. Its a plan.

 Shout out to Jovana for letting me guest post! Take a trip over to my blog Abi's Little Wanderings and have a coffee and a chat!

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