5 Free Addicting App Games

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There are times when I find myself playing app games while watching TV, before going to bed, and even on a car/bus ride somewhere. I love games that get your mind thinking and your brain working! Below are five free android app games for you to try and get addicted to :) Enjoy!

CrossMe Color - If you love sudoku, crosswords, and a "colour-by-number" type of games, then you'll love CossMe Color! Basically, you are given numbers on the side of the grid that corresponds to the number of cells that are filled in.

4 Pics 1 Word - This is probably my most favourite game to play nowadays! The game provides you with four images that have one thing in common. You are given blank spots of the word with a letter bank to use. After each round, you are given 3 coins to use towards either one letter to show in the word or one letter to disappear from the letter bank.

Flow Free - I love these mind-puzzling type of games! This one is definitely another one I have added to my list of challenging (and addicting) games. While it looks like a plain tracing game, the object of this game is to connect the corresponding coloured dots while being careful not to cross over them. You need to strategically plan which paths to take and in which order.

Jewel Star - This is probably one of those games that everyone has played, or a similar game to it. Basically, you just match the identical jewels; match them all and you advance to the next level!

Hazard Rush - If you have ever played Geometry Wars, you will notice this game is very similar. It is very addicting, since you want to keep playing! Basically, you fly through space and try to collect as many coins (green dots) as possible while avoiding shapes from coming after you. As your level advances, more and more shapes appear for you to dodge. Believe me, you won't be able to take your finger or your eyes off this game!

Are there any games you are addicted to right now? Please share!


  1. oh my gosh i had a book when i was younger of those puzzles in that first game!!! so fun!! going to download RIGHT NOW

    1. There was a book?? Geez I didn't even know! I probably would've been addicted to it at an earlier age haha! :)


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