My Top 10 Pet Peeves

Friday, March 8, 2013

Either I am getting older (and wiser, I hope) or society is really going down the drain. Over the years my pet peeves list has been growing. I feel like the best thing to do when you are irritated is to write them out on paper...let it all out! At least this is my way of coping. So, in no particular order, I give you my top 10 pet peeves.

1. Lack of response - This is probably my number one pet peeve. If I take the time to email you, call you or text you, please be courteous and find some time to reply back. I understand people are busy and there are things going on. I probably am guilty of it too. But if I see someone's Facebook status updated every 30 minutes or on their phone when I do get a chance to see them, then I assume they have the time to respond. I would be as grateful as a simple "I am busy right now, I will reply back to you soon" response. That way I know you at least care :)

2. People who don't pick up after their dog - I am a pet owner, and I am a responsible one (i.e. I pick up after my dog). It really bugs me when I see owners walking their dog in the park, stopping for their dog to go #2, then walk on by without picking it up. There are many people who walk through grass - kids, adults and other dogs. The last thing I want is doo-doo on my shoe after walking my dog. And imagine how many times you have seen kids rolling around in grass in the park. Eww.

3. Door holding etiquette, or lack of - How many times did you experience a door slamming in your face because the person you were walking behind cared less about holding that door open for you? Please be nice enough and don't allow the door to slam on the person behind you.

4. "Would you like a pie with your order" - For some reason I get bombarded with add-on product questions when I am in a rush and all I want is a medium tea. I get greeted with a "welcome, would you like try our new flat bread" question before I even order, and then get a "would you like to add an apple pie to your order" closing. I understand the concept of up-selling, because I used to work at a fast food company in my teen years, but trying to up-sell at both the beginning and ending of an order is just annoying.

5. Crooked parking - You know what I'm talking about. When you are driving around and around in a full parking lot and then you spot that car that parked either way too close to the next empty spot or who took up two parking spots. If you drive a massive monster then okay, I won't get mad. But if you're driving a small Honda, then please learn to park people!

6. Un-courteous drivers - Have you ever experienced drivers that speed up to overtake you, only to drive 5 below the limit? Or drivers who decide to turn into your lane when there is NO ONE else behind you, causing you to brake so hard to avoid an accident? Yes this happens to me, and I am sad to say it happens quite often.

7. Winter - Okay, this is not something I can change, but, it's March and my sandals, skirts and t-shirts are desperately waiting to be worn. Come on spring! Winter, you have been around waaay too long!

8. Common spelling mistakes - When I visit a site (whether a forum or a blog), it makes me cringe when I see inappropriate uses of "it's" and "its" or "they're", "their" and "there". If a writer wants their work taken seriously, then they need to invest some time into learning to use proper contractions!

9. Bad listeners - People claiming to be good listeners or willing to listen to your problems but then they don't. They do...for a short time. But then they link it to one of their problems and start talking about THEIR life - "Yeah that happened to me before, and she said this and then I said that, and you know what happened next? Oh I hate her! Speaking of that,..." Gee thanks!

10. Careless attitudes - not all in general. Just those who couldn't care less about the environment around them. For example, if you are in a coffee shop that has a low hum of conversations, please don't be that smart sucker and increase your conversation volume. People could care less that you just got dumped and hate all men in the universe and you can fend for yourself. Please respect your environment (library, office, etc.) and don't try to be "that loud one over there".


  1. What about people who say, "I could card less" when they should be saying, "I couldn't care less"?

    1. Yes true..I think this is one of those commonly misused phrases that many use and interchange quite often. I often find myself using "could care less" instead of the latter, but i do have to admit it is a bad habit :)

  2. There are 4 kinds of people in the world: 1. people who care about others and the world they live in 2. people who think the universe should swirl around them 3. people who are determined to trash on everyone and everything. 4. people who are completely oblivious to everything (makes one wonder how they get through life).

  3. #2 bugs me too! I say that cause every now and then when I go to my mailbox to get my mail I find a 'surprise' left for me right under it. eewwwww! I almost wish I had a dog so I could find out who is leaving it and leave a present in return...

    I wanted to invite you to our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs Friday nights till the end of Monday, come link up if you have some time :)

  4. I am sitting here, nodding my head as I am reading all your pet peeves. I think I must have the same ones! :)

    Visiting from The Best Blog recipes.

    1. I had a feeling there would be someone else out there with the same pet peeves :)


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