Weekend Recap

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hi all! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Late last week it started snowing, hard! So we decided to build a snowman. I haven't built one in a very long time. And considering that spring is on its way (I hope!), me and the hubby decided to build one in case this was the last snowfall of the season. It started off as a snowball, which rolled into a giant snow boulder, and ended up with a giant 6 foot snowman! Sorry for the lack of quality in the picture - it was taken with my phone camera.

On Saturday we went down to the farmer's market and bought some necessities we needed. I love going there, just because you get to see and buy so many different things. Plus supporting local farmers and businesses is always a good feeling. I can't wait till the summer so the market will be filled with fresh local produce. I love eating local food because it is always fresh and eating at pick-your-own farms is a blast!

Sunday was a more relaxing and easy-going day with nothing too exciting. No pictures of that (unless you want me to post one up of me in my PJs!).

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