These Are My Confessions...

Monday, February 11, 2013

One - You might not know this, but after my workouts I indulge in something that many might not consider after a workout. I watch Honey Boo Boo after my cardio workouts...*shame*. In all honesty, it is the mindless entertainment that is just relaxing after a cardio session, and the fact that the show motivates me to work out the next day.. and the next, and the next. It is possibly the. worst. show. ever! Yes I watched them wash their hair in the sink and screamed out NOO! or watched them eat sketti with their famous sauce - ketchup and butter - and felt my own arteries clog up! But I have to admit it is very entertaining!

Two - I crave twinkies while watching Honey Boo Boo after my cardio workout! I know! I shouldn't watch it then! But hey, at least I don't allow my taste buds to win and I have avoided the snack section ever since I started watching the show (for fears that a twinkie box might just jump in the cart).

Three - I ate more chip and dip and fried cheesecake than I should have this past weekend. I guess I need to work extra hard to lose those calories this week!

Four - One of my New Year's resolutions was to eat more fruits and veggies. While I told myself and the hubby that we were going to eat more vegetarian meals this year, I ended up making meat loaf (recipe this week!) a week into 2013...again *shame*.

Five - I have been watching reruns of "7th Heaven" recently. It's getting quite religious too...every day a new episode! I used to love that show when I was younger.

Six - I keep having the same reoccurring dream, over and over again. It is of me traveling (with my other half, of course) to a far away tropical destination and staying there for a while. Or, at least until I get a tan and I can finally stop blending in with the snow!

Seven - I sing in the shower, but quietly. I cannot dare make the hubs know of this. I see the look my dog gives me after my shower...he knows, yes he knows!


  1. Why can't your husband know you sing in the shower?!

    It's karaoke time in my shower like erry day. And in my car.... on blast lol

    1. Hahaha :) Two reasons. One - I am a terrible singer. And two - we share a wall with the neighbours next door so I don't want them to hear "I believe I can fly" in off-pitch tunes :)

  2. okay, I feel so validated by this post. I LOVE honey boo boo! and I also know it is, quite possibly, the dumbest show ever! why is it so fun to watch? I kinda love their family.



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