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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I am a couponer, if you don't know already. I shared with you my stockpile pictures last month, which is filled with products that I bought for "free", close to free, or for a great deal using sales and coupons. I have been using coupons for about two years. Couponing helped so many times on our budget when me and my husband were first starting out. It is such a great way to save money. Many people associate coupons with financial hardship, but that is not always the case - it doesn't matter whether you earn minimum wage or are well off. Both me and my husband work in the professional field - I have my master's and work at a reputable organization while my husband has his own business and tends to work from home. We have no kids, so there are no extra costs; we tend to spoil ourselves on occasion (for me it's the clothing!); and we can go on vacations whenever we want (and have the time). We can comfortably spend the money we earn on necessities if we choose to, but why not save a few bucks here and there with coupons? Thus I would love to share with you how I organize my coupons.

To organize my coupons, I use page dividers to help separate coupon categories. I also use trading card protector sheets to help keep my coupons neatly visible as I flip through before I go shopping.

Each category is labelled clearly on the divider. I have 10 in total:  breakfast, baking, dairy, snacks, beauty, laundry/cleaning, toilet paper/kleenex, oral health, medicine/vitamins and miscellaneous.

I keep all of my coupons organized in a 3-inch binder. When I first started using coupons, I was using a 1-inch binder. But that soon started bulging out with the coupons I was finding and collecting. So I finally bought a 3-inch one which has done me well for a long time now.

If you read the paper, you might oftentimes find coupon inserts. These are little booklets filled with coupons. In addition to these coupon inserts, there are also mail-in, printable, and in-store coupons.

Once I cut all of these coupons, I organize them in the plastic pockets in the proper category. They fit perfectly in there, and are easy to see. I then flip through the binder once a week before I do my shopping trips.

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