NAIAS 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

This weekend we decided to take a road trip to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI. It was opening weekend, so we went on Saturday, the first day of the show.
Overall it was a great show. Many companies revealed their concept cars. We didn't have a chance to see all of the companies and their concept cars - mainly because the place got packed by noon and it was a hassle to walk through the centre - but we managed to snap some really neat ones that we liked and did see.

One concept car that I really liked was the Toyota Fun Vii (although it was first revealed to the public during the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show). This car of the future allows the user to change the exterior skin of the car, displaying images, colours, graphics or messages. The interior can also be changed to fit the mood of the passengers. Basically when I saw this car I thought of the movie iRobot. At the auto show, you were able to take a picture of yourself and watch how easily your image can be displayed on the car.

Other concept cars we saw were:
Toyota Corolla Furia

Toyota FCV-R

BMW i8

Volkswagen Cross Coupe

At one point, we ended up going through some open doors and into the Ford lounge - we needed a quieter place to sit, chill, and observe. I don't think this was open to the public since there was only our group and two Ford reps there. But no one said anything and we weren't doing any harm other than sitting there and observing. At least we have pics to brag about (hehe!).

My overall experience with the auto show was not that amazing. I have been to one other show in the past, and this just looked like a repeat. Yeah the concept cars were neat to look at, but to me there seemed to be a lack of technological advancement (well, other than the Toyota Fun Vii). It does seem like there are more electric and hybrid models for 2014 for most companies, which is a good thing. I am all for greener and cleaner energy! I guess I was wanting to see more solar powered vehicles or more technologically advanced vehicles than to see 2013 replicas :)

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