Cleaning out the Fridge

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Now that the holidays are over and all the left-overs, sweets and such are done, I felt there was a need to look through my fridge, clean it out and reorganize it to the way it used to be. I love cleaning out my fridge often, but I tend to do a thorough wipe down of the fridge every couple months which takes me about 30 minutes to do. Since our fridge was full of stuff for about a month during the holiday season, I thought this time would be perfect to clean out the fridge and start from "fresh". And allow for more space for healthier foods like fruits and veggies.

In order to clean off any spills and crumbs on the shelves, I removed everything from the shelves. I work with one shelf at a time.

I then collect all the crumbs and wipe with just warm water.

Once the crumbs are collected I wipe down each shelf with warm soapy water. I use about 3 cups warm water with a drop of dish soap.

Wipe off the soapy water and you are left with a clean shelf! Nice!

Do the same with the other remaining two shelves.

I have three clear drawers that I keep my meats, fruits and veggies in. As you can see they had some yucky brown goop splattered in one drawer, probably from some veggies that stayed in the drawers for longer than they should.

A nice soak in some hot soapy water does the trick to remove and clean it all.

Clean shelf and clean drawer!

I make sure to wipe down the bottom of the fridge as well, under where the drawers are. See all the crumbs and gunk that found its way to the bottom?

And this is what an organized and clean fridge looks like after a good scrubbing and some throwing away of the food we will not eat. I love having a clean fridge. I tend to forget certain things we buy, and end up finding it way after it's expiration date. A clean out of the fridge about once a month helps me see what we have, what we won't eat, and what we can throw away.


  1. I just did this too. The holidays left our fridge pretty bare so before I did my first big, post holidays shopping trip, I took it all out and gave it a nice clean.. doesn't it feel so wonderful :) looks great! It does amaze me how GROSS a fridge can get even if you are a CLEAN person.. lol

    1. Yes it does feel good to have a clean fridge. And I know what you mean by the grossness of a fridge versus how clean a person is. :)


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