CD Coasters DIY

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We have no coasters in the basement, where we spend most of the time watching movies, playing games and having snacks with company. I oftentimes find glass rings on the table that sometimes the stickiness from either juice or pop is so hard to clean. So I decided to make some coasters of my own using CDs I hubby had lying around the house. I wanted something fun, something that is unique and something that will catch anyone's eye when they ask for a coaster. Below is the tutorial for this easy and fun project.

All you need for this craft is some decorative paper (it can be scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, magazines, or even decorative fabric if you have. I used scrapbook paper), hole puncher, felt or sticky foam, compass, mod podge and used CDs.

Start off by tracing the paper with your CD. Do this for every paper you have as many times you want.

I ended up measuring how wide the CD is (which is 120cm) and cutting 5cm smaller so that way I have a small border around the CD coaster. Yes I went all technical here! Using a compass and all. If you want, you can use a compass to trace out on every piece of paper instead of tracing around your CD. This saves time!

Once you have all the papers cut out, coat your CD with a thin layer of mod podge using your foam brush. Make sure it is a thin coat since it might bubble the paper due to the moisture in the glue. You want to avoid this.

Apply your paper on top, making sure to centre the paper. Then apply a thin coat of mod podge over-top the paper to coat it. Again, make sure it is a thin coat. You can always apply more coats if needed once each coat is dry. Allow to dry completely, about 15-20 minutes.

Using your hole puncher, cut out small circles from the sticky foam (basically it is foam that has glue on one side) that will be added to the bottom of your coaster to act as anti-slip grips. Apply about 6 of them to each coaster. Make sure they are spread out evenly. If you don't have this, use felt, cutting out a circle and gluing it to the bottom.

And there you have it, pretty and useful coasters!

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  1. What a fun idea! Love how versatile it is...and easy to replace if one gets lost.

  2. Will be making some of these - thanks for sharing! We found you via Funky Polkadot Giraffe TOO Cute Tuesday!

    1. This craft is so easy you'll be sipping a cold drink and using these in no time! Glad you enjoyed my tutorial!

  3. This is a wonderful idea. I have CD's that i do not use anymore and i think this is a great idea.-


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