Poinsettia Pillows

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hello all! I finally had time to post up pictures of this craft I was working on last weekend. I first saw this post over at Centsational Girl where she made some poinsettia pillows. I took her advice and decided to modify it a bit. I made white poinsettias on green pillows to fit the decor for the family room, and red poinsettia on white pillows for the upstairs living room. I made the envelope pillow cases for both the upstairs and downstairs couches. I did the same thing when I made my decorative pillow cases for the living room. The craft is so easy, and so much fun! All you need is 36 x 58-inch piece of felt (I bought them at my local fabric store, and this was more than enough for the petals), matching thread, pillow cases, and coordinating buttons and you're set!

I started off with making 6 large and 6 small felt petals for one poinsettia, and a round felt piece so I can sew the petals onto. This way you don't have to sew right on your pillowcase if you don't want to.

Then you sew the large petals onto the circle felt piece. I sewed from the inner edge on the felt circle to half-way up the poinsettia petal.

Make sure to sew down the middle of the petal up to the half-way point on the petal, as shown by the dotted lines below.

Do the same with the smaller petals. By sewing half-way up the petals, it adds a bit of a crease and some design to your poinsettias. I bought some cute little buttons that would fit perfectly with this design.

After you hand-sew your button onto the poinsettia, either hand-stitch the poinsettia to attach to your pillow, or in my case (since I'll be reusing these green pillow cases for summer) you can attach velcro to both your pillow and poinsettia and just easily remove once the holiday season is over. I also made the pillow with the tree silhouettes, as it adds a touch of winter and matches the decor.

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