Bathroom Reno - Days 1-4

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello! I haven't had time to really post these past few days. We are hard at work over here, fixing up and renovating our bathroom. I made a post a month ago about some bathroom reno ideas that I wanted to incorporate in this renovation. While we started the reno on Saturday, it is still in the works so I have no "after" pictures for you. We have yet to put up the bathroom walls, buy a mirror, replace the light fixture, and thoroughly clean up and vacuum the bathroom.

This post will show you what we started with. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures during the renovation so far. I just did the pictures before we started. Looking back now, I am so happy we decided to redo the bathroom.  So here are the before pictures:

And the vanity, with the stuff on top! It is because we barely had any space underneath the cabinet (well, we did but the only thing we had for organization were baskets. And those big baskets didn't really organize my makeup and hair clips).

The drippy shower...drip...drip...drip! So happy this is fixed now! Oh and might I mention the old faucet. I hated that thing!!

And here is what we bought for the reno. There is also the tub walls, mirror (which we still need to buy) and light fixture which were not pictured. 

So this is the process so far. I hope that we are done the bathroom soon and then I can finally post the final pictures! So be sure to come back and see the process!

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