Floating Wall Shelves

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hi all! Thanks for stopping by today! I always love it when I have views and people like you taking the time to stop by to read what I have to say and see what I have done. It always makes me happy so thanks for your support! :)

This past Thanksgiving weekend was a busy one for us. We did lots of yard work around the house, pulling out those annuals we had planted and clearing out the veggie garden. But aside from the eating, cleaning and yard work, we also squeezed in some time to do some decor in the basement. I wanted to finish the family room we have down there before we can start on the bathroom. Always finish what you have started!

So you have probably seen what our family room in the basement looks like now. If you haven't, go see it here. There was just one wall that looked bare and boring, right behind the couch. I needed to add something, but anymore pictures and the place would look like a museum! So I thought about adding shelves. I found floating shelves at the BMR Building Centre store on sale, and decided to use that. The thickness of the shelves closely resemble the IKEA bookcase we have in the room, so I thought it would match perfectly!

This is what the wall looked before, all bare and boring! Nothing to really catch your eye.

And this is what it looks like after adding the shelves.

The cute flamingo bought in Cuba sits comfortably on the lower shelf.

I used the decor I had on my glass table that is now my Halloween vignette on the upper shelf.

Love it!

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