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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hello! Hope you all had a great weekend! I sure was a very relaxing (and very chilly) weekend! Last week there was a book sale in the building where I work, and so I decided to take a quick peek as to what they have on sale. I was looking for some large books filled with art or pictures that I can use to hang in my RIBBA Ikea picture frames that I bought three months ago (yes I know...I still haven't hung them up!).

And guess what I found! Two really neat books FILLED with beautiful pictures and photographs! One was filled with beautiful drawings of the American artist Georgia O'Keeffe. Perfect as to what I was looking for. Another one was filled with beautiful nature and culture photographs. Perfect I thought!

Now you will NEVER guess what the cost of these two amazing books were! A whopping twenty five cents EACH! Yes I wrote that down correctly! I spent $.50 on these two books, that I can used and interchange pictures for the next few years or more!

At that price, I had some spare change left over to buy myself this great crafts book from Martha Stewart. Yahoo!

Pages filled with amazing crafts that I can't wait to start doing!

I will post up the final pictures of the frames once I get a big enough matte for the frames (the pictures are still too small for the matte that came with the frames). Just a quick bathroom reno update: we have not started on the renovation yet (boo!). We were hoping to have finished by now, but we are still waiting for some material to come in (we already ordered it over a week ago). Cross your fingers for this week!

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