What Are You Listening To?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I have recently discovered (recommended by a friend actually) an awesome music site that completely throws any other online music service in the waters. I love streaming music online, especially when I’m at work. I tend to forget to charge my ipod, and in all honesty I don't have time to search through iTunes to find all the latest and greatest music out there. So for me it is easier to just keep a pair of headphones in my drawer at the office and listen to live streaming throughout the day. I used to listen on Live365, which has almost any kind of genre or type of music you can think of by finding a particular station. However, many of these online stations were only for registered (paid) members, and the free stations had commercial advertisement every two or three tracks. Many people listen to Pandora, but because I am Canadian (eh?) I cannot listen to it unfortunately.

So what is this awesome and new online music service I am talking about, you ask? It's called Songza, a new online and mobile music service. I highly recommend Songza to anyone who loves listening to commercial free music streaming. Upon entering the site, it will give you a few recommendations based on the time and day of the week (neat-oh!). What is also neat about Songza is that it does not limit you to only your desktop computer. You can download the Songza app for your Android phone, iPhone or iPad, or Kindle Fire.  You can browse for a certain playlist through what is trending now, genres, activities and even moods! Are you city cruising? Hit up a playlist under the activities tab. Feeling happy or mellow, search for a playlist for what makes you feel good! The list goes on and on!

So...what are you listening to today?

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