Mission: Drawer Organization

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello and thanks for stopping by today! I decided that today's post will be on a little organization I was doing yesterday. True story: I went through my dresser drawers to look for some eye drops that I have (or thought I had), since one drawer is my "medicine cabinet." No luck though in finding these eye drops, and with the tears already in my eye from the irritation, it was so hard to even see! After taking some stuff out and finally taking care of my irritated eye, I decided I was going to tackle this area that is oftentimes left unseen and uncared for. It is a place where I shove, store, keep, throw and hide my odds and ends (you know, those things that have no other place in your house where to be kept).

I mean, judge for yourself. THIS is what I saw when I opened up my bottom drawer. Yikes!

The rule of thumb to tackle any organization project is to take out everything and spread it out on the floor. This makes it easier to see what you have, throw away stuff you don't need, or donate stuff that is still usable but you will likely never use. And this is exactly what I did - a keep pile and a donate pile.

  Ahh, starting off with a clean slate, err...drawer!  

When I was at Ikea last time, I bought these SKUBB storage boxes, which come in a pack of 6 with three sizes. I knew I was going to use them somewhere, which is why I bought a pack. And thank goodness I listened to my inner organization voice :)

After organizing my things into each bin, I now have a drawer that looks like this:

I did the same thing to the second drawer right above it. This was the shameful before...

And the nice and tidy after!

Do you have anything in your house that needs serious organization?

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