Girlfriend's Brunch - Invites

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hi all! Thanks for stopping by! Just recently, I hosted a girlfriend’s brunch. I have finally put the ends together to provide you with the details of this fun party! Today’s post will cover the invitations, to show you the theme I was aiming for. But stay tuned because tomorrow I will be revealing the decor DIYs, the food, and the overall party setting!

For this easy DIY invitation project, I  used two 8 ½ “ x 11” papers of each pattern shown below, as well as the actual invitation details printed on white printer  paper, making each printout a 4"x6" size. Using craft scissors, make pretty scalloped edges around the invitation. Since I didn't like how the two patterns clashed (yes I know I should've thought about it before buying it!), I just used the back-side of the darker paper, which to my luck was a dark fuchsia colour. This was going to act as a separator between the patterned paper and the scalloped edge paper.

Each of the two craft papers I made to be about 2cm bigger than each other. So the fuchsia paper was 2cm bigger than the white paper, and the patterned paper was 2cm bigger than the fuchsia paper. I also love adding an addition of stickers to any invitation or card. To me, it adds a personal touch and gives it that extra sparkle. :) So at my local craft store, I found these pretty butterfly stickers. I only chose these because the sort of stuck out at me in the store. They matched perfectly with the colour of the papers, and they were just too darn cute to pass up! So a butterfly girlfriend's brunch theme was formed! I used these stickers to add a little something to the invites.

And this is the final product! Aren't they so cute?

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