Fall Inspirations from Pinterest

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello and thanks for stopping by! Today I will share with you some of the recent pins I found from Pinterest. With fall right around the corner - first day of fall is this FRIDAY people - I've been getting in the spirit of all things fall. But I've been lacking some inspiration. So to cure this lack of inspiration syndrome I have experienced (could it possibly be because there have not been any recent holidays??), I've been browsing Pinterest for many ideas and inspiration to deck out my house and prepare it for the next few months of holiday-packed fun. I've even made a board strictly dedicated to fall decor and ideas. So here are my top favourite craft/decor ideas from Pinterest this week!

1. Glitter Acorns - This is such a great way to glam up acorns or even pine cones. Plus this can be taken into the Christmas season as well.
2. White Pumpkins - I've been seeing a trend this season for white pumpkins. I will definitely have some in my house!
3. Decorated Oranges - I love how nice this will be to any room. Decorative balls are in, and why not use what you already have? (Bonus: it will be like an air freshener as well!).

4. Fall Wreath - I love this wreath! It collects everything there is to fall - the leaves, the colours, the pine cones and the little berries. I heart this wreath!
5. Pumpkin Spice Latte - Nothing says fall better than pumpkin and a warm drink! Yeah I love hot chocolate, but this spices things up a bit (no pun intended!)
6. Decorative Centerpiece - What a nice centerpiece for any coffee table or dining table. Again, with the use of the beautiful white pumpkins and acorns. This just inspires me....!
7. Nuts and Candles - These are the two major "things" common in both fall or winter seasons. You can make this easy center piece decor using any hurricane vases you have lying around the house, place a candle in the center, fill with some in-shell hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts, and voila! You have yourself a beautiful, and inexpensive, centerpiece!

Have you found any interesting pins on Pinterest recently? Share with us!

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