Decorative Pumpkins {DIY}

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall has officially set foot in my town. The air is crisp in the mornings, the sun goes down earlier and earlier each day, and the leaves are starting to turn colour. Don't you just love this change in season? I do! Which is why I am on a mission to decorate my home in pumpkins, leaves and all things that remind me of this season. I went to my local dollar store the other day and found some mini pumpkins and pine cones in a bunch that were being sold for $2. So I bought two bunches.

I wanted to jazz them up a bit. I really didn't like that orange colour on them, so I whipped out my can of white paint and decided to do some mini white pumpkins. So I painted half of them white.

I also bought a can of burgundy red paint to do some in red (as a sort of accent to the white). And so the other half got a new fresh coat of red paint.

After they completely dried, I brought them in. But something was amiss. These pumpkins needed a touch of something....

So I decided to use some gold acrylic paint that I had and add a touch of gold to them. At first, what I had in my vision didn't end up turning out to be like that. So I decided to wipe off the gold using a napkin. But to my surprise, what ended up happening was a miracle (well...a DIY-disaster-turned-miracle!). It gave the pumpkins a vintage type of look, which totally worked for me!!

After drying, this is what they turned out to look like!

I also ended up giving a couple pine cones a light spray of white paint. I will surely re-use these come Christmas-time!

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