Butterfly Themed Brunch

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When I had begun planning for a brunch with my close girlfriends, I initially had no theme in mind. However, after going to my local craft store and choosing out the perfect paper for the invites, a theme had been born! Now my theme was geared around those invitations, shown here.

For the how-to on this easy centerpiece, see my post here.

The blue candle holders were once black, but after some sky-blue spray paint, they perfectly matched the colour scheme of the party!

These napkin ring holders I had made using thin twigs found from the dollar store, twirling the twigs around themselves to form a 2" ring, securing it in place with a dab of hot glue and gluing in place a butterfly found at the dollar store.

I turned these yellow candle holders into pretty flower vases.

And the main course of the brunch was this simple spinach and cheese fritata!

I also served croissants, toast with jam, and bowl of fruit.

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