Butterfly Brunch Party Theme - DIY Centerpiece

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From my previous post, I have described the details of this little get-together that I wanted to have. Basically, it will be a brunch with a butterfly theme. So going along this theme, a simple Google search for “butterfly themed party” gave me all sorts of ideas. Many of the pictures are for a little girl’s butterfly themed party or bridal/baby showers, but browsing through the pictures I collected enough ideas! These were my inspirations:



Looking at these inspirational pictures, I came up with a centerpiece idea. I went to my local dollar store and picked up a tall glass cylinder vase, some faux branches, cute butterfly craft pins, and some decorative pebbles.

Pouring those pebbles into the vase....

As for the branches, because they already came with cream flowers, I decided to leave them as is and not bother to take them off. This will add more decoration in the end! I carefully took the pins off the craft butterflies, and using a hot glue gun, I glued the butterflies throughout the twigs, evenly spaced out.

And voila! Pretty centerpiece!

To set a nice calming mood, I decided to add candles to the mix. Yes I do have regular candle holders, but I wanted to tie into the colour theme, so I searched throughout my house for something I can use. And I found these. I have used them for Christmas last year, but the black was just oh-so boring! So a trip to the hardware store to buy some spray paint was in my future! 

So these candle holders went from looking like this....

...to this!!

So pretty!

View how the brunch went here!

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