Back-To-School Lunch Made Easy!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labour Day Monday to all! Hope you are enjoying your last day of summer vacation. While some of you may be running around getting those number 2 pencils that was urged by the teacher or purchasing a cart-load of ruled paper that you hope wont get turned into paper airplanes by the end of the month, you probably have little to no time to plan for lunches tomorrow (and you thought your vacation away from the kids is just starting?). Don't worry, you can breathe a sigh of relief! I have done the homework for you! I have prepared a list of some great (and can I say easy?) back-to-school lunch ideas from around the web. If you have any ideas of your own, share them in the comments section below!
Turkey Wrap with Cucumber Cream Cheese - four basic ingredients make up this super easy (and delicious) lunch!
Source: Rachael Ray website

Stuffed Crust Pizza Snack - made with Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough, this recipe is as simple to make as it is to eat!

Corn Dog Mini Muffins - a healthy twist on the original corn bread (you know - the dog on a stick you would buy either in the refrigerated section of the grocery store or when the carnival came to town).
Source: Happy Good Time Blog

Apple, Turkey and Cheddar Grillers - what a neat way to mix in some dairy, meats and fruits into a tasty and easy sandwich!
Source: Best Health Magazine

Sandwich-on-a-Stick - what a neat idea to get your kids to choose their own fillings in a sandwich. So many possibilities to go with!
Source: Kraft Canada

Bagel Sandwich - turn a traditional sandwich modern by using a bagel instead of bread slices. So many alternatives to let you create a great lunch: Use 12 grain or cinnamon raising bagel instead of a plain bagel; use a variety of condiments such as mustard, mayo, or dressing; go wild by using the BBQ leftover meat instead of the regular lunch meat.
Source: Kraft Canada

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